Movies for Your Rental List

American Made
Roland HughesR
And So It GoesRoland HughesPG-13
Begin AgainRoland HughesR
BlackfishRoland HughesPG-13
BrotherhoodRoland HughesTV-MA
Crimes of Passion (1984)Roland HughesR
Dallas Buyers ClubRoland HughesR
Drive AngryRoland HughesR
FlyboysRoland HughesPG-13
Food, Inc.Roland HughesPG
Hacksaw RidgeRoland HughesPG-13
HoaxRoland HughesR
Horatio Hornblower – The Duches and the DevilRoland HughesTV
Horatio Hornblower – The DuelRoland HughesTV
Horatio Hornblower – The Fire ShipRoland HughesTV
Hotel TransylvaniaRoland HughesPG
JFKRoland HughesR
John Wick 3Roland HughesR
JunoRoland HughesPG-13
Jupiter AscendingRoland HughesPG-13
Last VegasRoland HughesPG-13
LBJRoland HughesR
Nothing ComparesRoland HughesNR
November ManRoland HughesR
Once Upon a Time in AmericaRoland HughesR
Professor Marsten and the Wonder WomenRoland HughesR
Public EnemiesRoland HughesR
Side Effects (2013)Roland HughesR
Spotlight (2015)Roland HughesR
St. VincentRoland HughesPG-13
The Big ShortRoland HughesR
The CraftRoland HughesR
The Doctor (1991)Roland HughesPG-13
The DuffRoland HughesPG-13
The FactoryRoland HughesR
The Fault in Our StarsRoland HughesPG-13
The History BoysRoland HughesR
The HolidayRoland HughesPG-13
The Hunting PartyRoland HughesR
The IrishmanRoland HughesR
The Librarian: Quest for the Spear Roland HughesTV-PG
The Librarian: Return to King Solomon’s MinesRoland HughesTV-PG
Too Big to FailRoland HughesTV-MA
TrumboRoland HughesR
Tucker: The Man and His DreamRoland HughesPG
Warrior QueenRoland HughesTV
Wild (2014)Roland HughesR
Wyatt EarpRoland HughesPG-13
Zero Dark ThirtyRoland HughesR
A Discovery of WitchesRoland HughesTV-MA F-bombs so far
A Dog’s PurposeRoland HughesPG
A Star is Born (2018)Roland HughesR
AnnaRoland HughesR
ArchangelRoland HughesNR should be R for language
ArrivalRoland HughesPG-13
Atomic BlondeRoland HughesR
Bad Company (1995)Roland HughesR
Beautiful CreaturesRoland HughesPG-13
Birds of Prey 2002 TV seriesRoland HughesTV-14
Black and BlueRoland HughesR
Blood DiamondRoland HughesR
Bohemian RhapsodyRoland HughesPG-13
Bullet to the HeadRoland HughesR
BurntRoland HughesR
CenturionRoland HughesR
Citizen Kane (1941)Roland HughesPG
Convoy (1978)Roland HughesPG
Corrective MeasuresRoland HughesTV-MA
D.E.B.S.Roland HughesPG-13
Deliberate IntentRoland HughesPG-13
Die HardRoland HughesR
Doctor Strange (2016)Roland HughesPG-13
Epoch: EvolutionRoland HughesR
EulogyRoland HughesR
Fast and Furious 6Roland HughesPG-13
First KillRoland HughesR
God of WarRoland HughesNR
Good Night, and Good LuckRoland HughesPG
Heist (2001)Roland HughesR
Hitman (2007)Roland HughesR
Horatio Hornblower – The Wrong WarRoland HughesTV
Interstate 60: Episodes of the RoadRoland HughesR
Jennifer’s BodyRoland HughesR
John WickRoland HughesR
John Wick Chapter 2Roland HughesR
LabyrinthRoland HughesPG
Last RunRoland HughesR
Leaving Las VegasRoland HughesR
LovelaceRoland HughesR
MacheteRoland HughesR
MomentumRoland HughesR
Motherless BrooklynRoland HughesR
On the Basis of SexRoland HughesPG-13
One Man’s HeroRoland HughesR
ProofRoland HughesPG-13
RageRoland HughesR
Red SparrowRoland HughesR
Road to PerditionRoland HughesR
Second ActRoland HughesPG-13
SetUpRoland HughesR
Seventh SonRoland HughesPG-13
Shrink (2009)Roland HughesR
Sing StreetRoland HughesPG-13
Stand Up GuysRoland HughesR
Survivor (2015)Roland HughesPG-13
Sweet Home AlabamaRoland HughesPG-13
The Bag Man (2014)Roland HughesR
The CircleRoland HughesPG-13
The Craft: LegacyRoland HughesPG-13
The Crew (2000)Roland HughesPG-13
The Fate of the FuriousRoland HughesPG-13
The Fifth EstateRoland HughesR
The GiverRoland HughesPG-13
The Last EnemyRoland HughesTV
The Last Witch HunterRoland HughesPG-13
The Librarian III: Curse of the Judas ChaliceRoland HughesTV-PG
The Outpost (2018-2021)Roland HughesTV-14
The Man Who Knew InfinityRoland HughesPG-13
The PadreRoland HughesR
The Pelican BriefRoland HughesPG-13
The RavenRoland HughesR
The Sword and the SorcererRoland HughesR
The TrenchRoland HughesNR-TV
The Waiting TimeRoland HughesTV
Torchwood Miracle DayRoland HughesTV-14
Two Weeks NoticeRoland HughesPG-13
UnbrokenRoland HughesPG-13
Vampire Academy (2014)Roland HughesPG-13
Wild Child (2008)Roland HughesPG-13
Wrath of ManRoland HughesR

For more movie rental ideas please see list two.

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