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Sing Street is absolutely golden. If you are old enough to remember when MTV came on the air and actually played music videos, you have to rent this movie. Sing Street even includes the period correct parochial school teacher abusing the students. The rebel of 1980s rock and the really bad hair.

Those of you also intelligent enough to be fans of “Orphan Black” have to really love the appearance of Maria Doyle Kennedy. Mrs. S. got a whole new role.

Lucy Boynton is a complete revelation in this film. No other actress could have pulled this off. She has a chemistry with both the cast and the audience.

Honestly the cast could not have been more perfect. Everything about this movie is perfect with one exception. They dissed Phil Collins. That cost the movie a star. If you watched music videos as a big part of your youth, then this movie needs no explanation. The 1980s in a single film.

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