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Drive Angry is one of the best Nicolas Cage action flicks you can currently watch for free on Tubi. Amber Heard delivers an Oscar worthy performance as Piper, the tough as nails diner waitress from a shitty part of town. William Fichtner is absolutely perfect as “The Accountant.”

My one disappointment with this movie isn’t with the movie itself, but the studio. They didn’t follow up with “The Accountant” as its own franchise. They could have used this story line over and over, replacing the violence with other types of violence and really had a bankable deal, even if they went straight to cable/streaming.

Gist of It

Nicolas Cage plays Milton. He was a bad guy, died, went to Hell. He escapes from Hell to rescue his grandchild from a Satanic cult intent on executing the baby in a ritual. Along the way we learn that the real torture in Hell isn’t the fire, it’s the live video feed of all the bad things happening to your loved ones over and over again.

Yep, it’s a straight up “bad man seeking vengeance” plot line. Perfect Chardonnay and pizza movie.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard is just a treasure to watch in Drive Angry. I think she did most of her own stunts. You can do that when you are young, beautiful, and in amazing shape. Get’s difficult as you get older, just ask Jackie Chan. You really believe she grew up surrounded by white trash. The script might have provided the language, but she provided the delivery and mannerisms.

Of course, if you are coming up against William Fichtner for the best supporting actor award, going to be tough to beat. “Well color me curious.” Watch the movie, you’ll understand.

Put this on your go-to movie list for a good reliable time. The Oscars need to quit shitting on Nicolas Cage movies. He fills a much needed niche. Yes, some of his movies suck, but this ain’t one of those.

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