Review – The Sword and the Sorcerer

The Sword and the Sorcerer cover


I have seen The Sword and the Sorcerer quite a few times. It had been quite a few years so I put it on the list again a while ago. This movie has what cult science fiction fans treasure, an undeniable cheesy factor _and_ a suspension of reality.

No, it is not the wizardry that calls for suspension of reality, it’s the little things. A character gets nailed to a cross through the hands, not their wrists as would have really been done. Character pulls the nails out himself, then fights a sword fight.

No, that’s not the reality suspension, that’s genre. The reality suspension is this mortal guy who pulled the nails out himself has no damage to either hand in every one of the scenes after that. Time line wise those scenes are minutes apart. I really need put The Sword and the Sorcerer in my “make me feel better” collection because it is a reliably good time.

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