Isn’t Perjury a Felony?

You know, perjury seems to be stock and trade for Washington. The Democrats didn’t impeach Syphilis Willie when he blatantly committed perjury. Yes, this one was just the news conference, but he said it under oath as well, I just didn’t feel like digging for the testimony. Hey, we can all forgive a President for lying about whacking a foreign leader or head of some drug Cartel. That’s part of his job and denying it is part of national security. This, however, was lying about some deeply personal stains on…

No Matter How Bad Your Day Was – It Wasn’t This Bad!

There was an unintentional vasectomy on a 4 year old! How cruel is that? They can’t always reverse those things. The kid may go his entire life never being able to rub one out. His parents can just give up on that hope of “continuing the bloodline.” Featured image courtesy of Photo 146736533 / Scissor Cut Cord © Thethales | Man, this brings back memories of The Doctor.

Microsoft and the Satanic Temple

I have often referred to Bill Gates as Satan’s unwashed rectal sphincter, but I never thought Microsoft would confirm Satanic Temple ties. Truth really is better than anyone’s writing. Yes, I have railed against Microsoft for decades. One of the most underhanded and corrupt companies to ever be unleashed on the tech world. The low quality of their products is legendary. Gardians of the Galaxy2 even makes fun of Zune! Let’s not forget Bill’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein and the Lolita Express. This morning took the cake though. There in…

The Hunter Biden Disk Scam

There’s a reason no legitimate news source is covering this Hunter Biden disk scam. For the non-geeks let me point out the phrase from the article from a copy of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop From linked article Files and data can be “lost” but nothing is truly deleted for years. Even the DOD no longer does that “secure erase” software thing anymore. With write leveling and head drift of spinning disks along with write balancing of SSD and Hybrid drives, you can never be sure of erasing anything. This is…

Marjorie Taylor Greene – Sharp as a Marble

Poor Marjorie Taylor Greene. She follows a fake president (Donald Trump). She believes fake news. (Election Fraud). She hangs out with a Republican that is going to be convicted of having sex with an underage girl. (And paying for it no less.) Yet she won’t eat “fake meat” because it is grown in a Peach Tree Dish! She’s way dumber than Dan Quayle. He just couldn’t spell. That’s why we geeks add a spell checker to every word processor we create. Some even have grammar checkers. Every time you think…

Eating Florida Fish Can Make You Fail a Drug Test

You heavily medicated gummers gotta stop pissing in the ocean and wading in with that fanny pack infusion pump. Can’t blame this one on the drug cartels and their square headed dolphin. They aren’t smuggling in prostate medication. For those unfamiliar with Florida drug smuggling slang; square headed dolphin is the term the local gummers have for kilos of drugs that wash up on the beach. Featured image Photo 128721062 / Bonefish © | Is it just me or does everything in Florida get done half-assed? It really seems like it. They have that worthless…

The Public Doesn’t Need to Know

For decades now the mainstream media has hidden behind the bullshit phrase “the public has a right to know.” It has always been bullshit because “right to know” does not equal “need to know.” I mean I listen to a lot of NPR and I’ve heard their news and shows actually utter the phrase “the public has a right to know” when talking about their coverage of a mass shooting. It’s really a disgraceful thing. The Fox K-G-Used-to-Be news network isn’t any better. One could consider this post an extension…



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