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Warrior Queen is a really good movie. Deserves far more stars than it has. It even knows to keep a sprinkling of cheesiness. It helps the script is based on actual history. Definitely put Warrior Queen in your queue for when you are almost in the mood for a documentary but not quite. In this age of super hero battle scenes with massive special effects, the battle scenes won’t wow you. They are just there to provide the necessary token violence.

Honestly, it wasn’t until the end of this movie that I realized the Queen Boudica of the British tribes was real. Most of us living in America know so very little about the Roman conquest of Britain. Thankfully, during the early 2000s several studios took it upon themselves to explore this part of history. Warrior Queen was released in 2003 and in 2004 we had King Arthur. Both of these movies explore different aspects of the Roman Conquest.

Definitely put this movie high in your rental list.

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