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I originally watched The Craft when it first came out in the 1996-1997 time frame. I thought it was a fantastic movie back then. I added it to my rental list so I could have it fresh in my mind when I watched The Craft: Legacy. Unlike so many movies from my youth that I loved, this one has stood the test of time. I still think it is a fantastic movie!

Speaking as a dude I found something rather shocking while I was watching this. Twenty some years ago when this came out I remember thinking “Man! That was a great movie!” I don’t remember thinking “Wow! The girls are smoking hot!” I thought that this time through. I still loved the movie.

Robin Tunney is an amazing actress. You don’t even have to question her role, it just appears like real life she sinks so deeply into it. Another actress that doesn’t get the credit they deserve in this is Fairuza Balk. It’s not easy playing someone “out there” who only has a passing contact with reality.

All four of the girls have an on-screen chemistry that is just undeniable. This is an all around well done movie. They don’t go overboard with the spells and things. Yes, they use some special effects but they don’t over-use them.

Eventually a copy of this is going to be in my permanent collection.

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