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Review – D.E.B.S.


Far too many critics didn’t understand this heapin’ helpin’ of excellent cheese. They remind me of Roger Ebert and Charlies Angles. It took a few installments before he finally caught onto the joke. According to Wikipedia (a most unreliable source on the best of days) this movie cost $3.5 million to make and only grossed $97,446 at the theaters. You have to skim to the end to realize this movie had the worst distribution team on the face of the planet.

D.E.B.S. was released in 45 theaters. Over 21 days, it grossed $97,446

D.E.B.S. (2004)”. Box Office Mojo.

Now that I own a copy of it via this old movie collection.

I think I’ve watched it 3-4 times this year. Charm School is in Spanish so I’ve watched maybe three minutes of that. Feel the Noise I will some day write a review of on here. It was far better than I expected. Lots of flaws, but on the whole I didn’t feel cheated. Seeing Double I need to watch again when I have time to really watch it. Admittedly it has a very Son of Svengoolie feel to it, but there was some excellent singing.

Like fine wine and fantastically expensive whiskey, this movie has aged well in the oak. As I said, it had the worst distribution management ever. Part of the financial failure may also have been the time. Today you live in a world where there is lots of talk about LGBTQ (please forgive if I left any letters out) and the world is a bit more accepting. I’m a straight guy, they are hot girls in short skirts, so I loved this movie from day one. I also got the joke.

This is a spoof on Charlie’s Angels. Lots of things have spoofed Charlie’s Angels, even Baywatch. There will always be a market segment for excellent cheese.; an entertainment market segment that pays good money to see hard bodied women who like to show it off; and an entertainment market segment that pays good money to watch hard bodied male strippers show it off. Just get over it critics! Magic Mike did well.

Excellent Cheese Sequel?

The Internet is starting to have many more calls for a D.E.B.S. sequel. You see, the movie really was excellent cheese and people now get both the formula and the joke.

What makes this movie work is the on-screen chemistry between Jordana Brewster and Sara Foster. Jordana just has a light in her eyes that shines through the camera into your soul. How can you not feel good watching someone enjoying life that much? Far too many people make far too much stink about the lesbian part of this movie. They completely ignore the industrial strength chemistry between Jordana and Jimmi Simpson. Honestly, Jimmi really sells it.

All of the main actors just free fell through this movie. They hopped on the roller coaster and never grabbed the handrail.

A Little Respect

If that clip doesn’t make you smile, check your pulse, you must already be dead. Anyone who grew up watching The Great Space Coaster as a kid gets this movie right out of the box.

The Great Space Coaster

Good tunes, good fun, good grief don’t take it seriously!

Sans the lesbian thing, Hollywood has re-used the D.E.B.S. formula time and time again. They are currently cultivating a culture of movie goers who would plunk down rental money, if not yet risk the theater, for a well done D.E.B.S. sequel. Really well done, not what Hollywood considers well done! It needs that same low-budget everybody just having fun vibe. It would be awesome if, as the link calling for a sequel suggests they could pick up years later. Maybe with a new team of D.E.B.S. reaching out to the old? Kind of a “the song goes on” and “honoring our past” theme.

Those of you who doubt me need to really watch Guardians of the Galaxy, its sequel, and the size of that fan base. That movie is pure cheese with great old tunes.

Hooked on a Feeling

Yeah, D.E.B.S. is a movie you want to own. Whenever you need the joy of some excellent cheese, pop open that bottle, or box, of wine and savor it.

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