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Black and Blue was really good. It bubbled up in my GameFly movie rental list and I watched it last night. Some of you will remember my review of Legion. In that review I stated that Tyrese Gibson who pretty much everyone knows from the Fast & Furious franchise really could act. The role he had in Legion was tons meatier (for the audience anyway) than what he does in that franchise. I quite honestly don’t like the character he’s been given there.

Wait no more! The dude got a role that let him shine here. He can really pull off that caring somber good guy thing. It’s way more enjoyable to watch than the wise-ass dumb-ass gig he has in the Furious franchise. While Naomie was the lead and did a fine job I have to say Tyrese rather stole the show.

The Story

Yeah, Black and Blue is the classic corrupt cops and lone good cop trying to change the system. It’s set in New Orleans about the time the feds were taking over the police department because the corruption was so rampant they couldn’t strain out enough decent cops from the cesspool. That adds to the credibility.

What I really liked was how the community Naomie’s character was trying to help was so completely turned against her. She joined the army and did two tours then came back still looking to serve the community she grew up in. It didn’t feel forced or cheesy they way it does in far too many movies. Even the bit actors could act in this film.

When you hear actors talk about “being in the moment” it sounds like something canned for interviews. In this movie, there is no can. They lay it all on the line. It has an honesty that makes it feel like a low budget film done with a cast of actors just out to prove themselves.

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