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Motherless Brooklyn is one of those classic movies that is so well done you cannot help but give it five stars. Edward Norton rules the screen without even trying. This movie is done in the style and pretty much the era of Once Upon a Time in America. Thankfully Motherless Brooklyn also provides the same quality of entertainment. You really are watching some of Hollywood’s finest work with this movie.

Tourette’s Syndrome

Tourette’s Syndrome is a central theme in the story. How Edward Norton was able to pull that off as an actor is beyond me, but there it is on the screen. There is one moment in the film where Edward’s character explains why he and Bruce are so tight. It’s also why his nickname is “motherless.” I cannot steal the thunder and tell you here. That was such a great scene and set of lines.

The Beauty of Motherless Brooklyn

This is a fantastic story of childhood friends coming out of Hell-ish conditions. Kids who had everything to lose threatening a Nun that was torturing Edward’s character in a manner that made her believe continuing in said manner would introduce her to God only moments from now. Kids who stuck together and looked out for each other for the rest of their lives.

I cannot elaborate more without giving away the ending or too much of the critical story line. Add this movie to your collection and put it on when you want a really wonderful movie.

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