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I really liked Atomic Blonde. There were quite a few people emptying their colons on this movie, but I’m not one. Most seemed to be Christian Taliban with a severe hangup about a female agent picking up a woman in a bar for a night of lesbian sex. I can’t believe just how many Holy Rollers got hung up on that. It was only a couple minutes of the movie and you don’t actually see anything. Almost nobody bitches when 007 gets lucky.

Body Image Kerfuffle

This movie came out in 2017 during yet another body image kerfuffle going on in Hollywood or “at” Hollywood might be more accurate. There was no shortage of big name actresses telling their stories. This movie got caught up in that.

Here’s a dose of reality people! You won’t pay to watch fat people make action films. I applaud Charlize Theron for doing what it takes to make this believable. I don’t care if Hollywood special effects can make it look like a 400+ pound person can do those stunts or not. You won’t believe it and more importantly you won’t pay for it.

None of you ladies will pay to see a 400 pound Chris Helmsworth shirtless and in a spedo.

Fat Thor

So let’s stop beating up Hollywood for selling us exactly what we pay for! Yes, there are roles where women don’t have to be Goddesses. Thankfully Hollywood started reading more of those scripts.

The Help movie cover

Beat Hollywood up for not funding more scripts like The Help and Hidden Figures.

Comic Book Story

This is basically a comic book story. It’s a fantasy. At some level they have to provide actors that are eye candy. Okay, John Goodman and Toby Jones are most definitely not eye candy, but they were damned good in this film. Maybe there wasn’t quite enough handsome beefcake for the ladies so they felt a bit cheated.

You have the classic double agents, missing list of double agents, very cool fight scenes, car chases, and great weapons handling. Of course there are double crosses. Yes there is an agent running around killing people because the Berlin Wall is about to fall and it is anything goes.

Don’t expect a lot of plot. This is a feast for the eyes and mostly designed to appeal to twelve year old you. Assuming twelve year old you could get into an R rated movie.


I was not disappointed and will watch this movie again. I’ve actually thought about adding it to my DVD collection.

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