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While many may find faults in Side Effects, I’m going to give it 5 stars. Put Side Effects on when you want to actually pay attention to a movie, not just have something on while you gorge yourself on pizza and beer.

Jude Law disappears so far into character you scarcely see him on the screen. Rooney Mara delivers what should have been an Oscar nominated performance.

When it comes to reviewing crime thrillers it is difficult to review the really good ones without taking away the power of their big reveal. Side Effects has a serious hook followed by a few stiff jabs which leave you wondering.

It seems we hear about horrible side effects being covered up by drug companies on a daily basis now. The television is filled with late night personal injury lawyers looking for more clients to pile into massive class action suits. Eventually, someone really smart just might figure out how to use one of these well known cases to commit a crime.

Hell, just look at the Heath Ledger death. He wasn’t even partying, just trying to get over a cold. Stories like this are so common few question them. As a society we have been conditioned to believe Big Pharma will poison us for profit so anything attributed to them will end with us believing it, but should it?

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