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Bad Company (1995) was one of those movies I just had to put on my rental list again. Saw it when it first came out years ago and really liked it. I Wanted to see if it stood the test of time. It does.

Gist of the story

It all starts with the CIA and their use of “private companies” for black bag/dirty deeds operations. Laurence Fishburne plays a CIA operative that got drummed out of the CIA for supposedly not delivering $50,000 in gold to someone the CIA wanted paid off. Ellen Barkin recruits him for her dirty deeds company.

They start out paying underage girls to have sex with men they wish to own/influence so they can be filmed in the act and shown the film to prove they have it. Oh, that’s a light day on the ethics and morals downward spiral. Even though Ellen’s character is sleeping with the boss, and most everyone else, she wants the company to herself and enlists the new guy to help with the hostile takeover.

I Miss This Era

Perhaps it is because I was working around Chicago much of this time that I miss this era so much. The mid 1980s to late 1990s was an era where powerful women knew how to use sex to manipulate and destroy men. I got to watch it first hand in the financial district. Hollywood only made a token few movies featuring these female characters.

Crimes of Passion

Crimes of Passion was one of these movies. Admittedly they skewed it more towards a male fantasy film but she was still “in control” even when things were spiraling out of control.

Ellen Barkin in Bad Company (1995)

Ellen Barkin’s character is a smoking hot cat playing a deadly game of chess. In her game of chess “removed from the board” is fatal. The cunning, the conniving, the moxy. Lying to a guy during sex with so your partner can more easily kill him before he is done. She’s a bright flame and every dude is a moth.

If you ever find yourself uttering the phrase “most people are good,” watch this movie.

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