Review – The Outpost (2018-2021)


The Outpost series was nicely done. Yes, there is a “big block O cheese” factor going on because it was made for kids by the CW. You can only have so much carnage and “adult” topics in TV-14. At any rate, you can watch it for free on Electric Now TV and only be out your time.

This is a classic swords and sorcery franchise. Clans with in-fighting, strange beasts, teleportation between dimensions/worlds, smoking hot bad-ass women with swords. What more could a dude want? Don’t worry, they have some dreamy dudes for the female audience and romance. That last part the could have toned down a bit.

Some Noteables

Jesica Green as Talon is amazing. She must have starved for months and spent 16+ hours per day in a gym to get a rock hard body like that. To top it off, she can both act and swing a sword.

Robyn Malcolm is a true treasure as “The Mistress.” That loud, brassy, wrong side of the tracks voice and attitude is without equal. Maybe that’s how she is in real life too, but it was perfect either way.

Adam Johnson as the village idiot adopted son Munt is phenom. I can’t imagine how hard it is to play someone that dumb yet with a good heart.

Character Driven

This is really a character driven series. Yes, there are parts of the plot and story that are inventive and intriguing, but it’s really all about the characters. Everyone who watches The Outpost has several favorites by the time they get to the end. Some may be offended by my singling out the three above. I understand. Every actor in it does a great job. In my opinion these were the actors who really went above and beyond.


A good series to binge watch on a Sunday when you cannot go outside. I’m actually going to watch it again this fall after harvest season is over.

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