Review – The Doctor (1991)

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The Doctor is a truly brilliant movie. It’s the tale of a cold and nearly inhuman doctor who cares nothing about the comfort of patients until he becomes a patient himself. During the early part of the movie you will find yourself saying “serves you right” to the doctor (William Hurt) as bad things happen to him.

Our story then turns to the human side. Giving him a tumor which requires surgery and the best surgeon (in his mind) to have him as his patient is someone just like him. Then he learns what it is to be the patient of an incredibly gifted surgeon who offers no comfort, care, or basic human dignity.

If you want to watch a movie which explores the difference between being great and being a good person this is it. Yes, I’m going to give it 5-stars though most seem to rate it at just under 4. The ending scene between the doctor and his interns/students is just too priceless. Quite honestly it should be required of all medical schools around the world.

Enjoy the journey from world class asshole to world class human!

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