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★★★★★Everyone who can speak and understand the English language needs to see The Big Short! This is about the criminal enterprises that engineered the largest financial fraud ever perpetrated against the human species. None of them went to prison, thanks in large part to influence peddling. 

The Big Short is about a handful of people who saw the crime happening. They then got the criminals themselves to create credit default swaps on the very mortgage backed securities these people knew weren’t worth the paper they were printed on.

Besides, you have to love a movie which brings in Jennifer Lopez and a bunch of other actors not known for cerebral roles to explain complex financial jargon. These cameos are scattered throughout the movie and IMDB doesn’t list who did them.

You will also hear a quote in this movie, if you are paying attention, which makes it an even greater crime committed by the CEOs.

For every 1% increase in unemployment 40,000 people die.

Yes, they should have faced some kind of manslaughter charges, not just financial fraud charges and this movie does a good job of pointing that out. There have been various studies confirming this.

This is definitely a movie worth watching more than once.

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