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It’s difficult to find a Morgan Freeman movie I don’t like. It’s also difficult to put a bunch of big names in a movie and pull it off. I remember during the 1970s when At the Movies was on PBS and they kept commenting on how Hollywood studios kept trying to throw big names together only to generate big ticket movies which flopped. That didn’t happen here.

Last Vegas is one of the most enjoyable movies you will ever watch.

Okay, if you are someone who doesn’t like cussing then you might not like it, everybody else will laugh their ass off.

Four best friends, well, three current best friends and one former best friend, make a pilgrimage to Las Vegas to hold a bachelor party for Michael Douglas, the only one of them who stayed single up until now.

Not only is the movie about a last hurrah while you still might be able to pull it off, it is also about saving a friendship which shouldn’t have been lost and getting that guy to move on with his life.

You really can’t ask for a better made movie about life and friendship.

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