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The Holiday is quite possibly the best movie ever made. The level of ability each actors brings to the project simply cannot be measured. The on-screen chemistry between Cameron Diaz and Jude Law is a true treasure to behold. The slow I’m-having-the-time-of-my-life simmer between Kate Winslet and Jack Black is without equal in film.

Here is a point of education for every writer of novels and penner of screen plays:

When writing a romance leave out the romance.

That whole “Beauty and the Beast” over the top romance designed to have little girls get all dreamy eyed has no place in a movie. Just have two people be on a journey through life. Eventually they realize they are headed in the same direction and like laughing together. That’s what makes this movie work. Absolutely none of the characters is looking for anything other than to take their mind from the rest of their life.

On a sad but memorable note, Hal Douglas, the famed movie trailer and voice over artist, ads a unique kind of spice only he could provide. Sadly, he left this world March 7, 2014 so many generations to follow will be robbed of his voice’s special sound. Honestly, this might only be a 3.5 star movie if it wasn’t for the brilliant stroke of having him incorporeally to Amanda.

Many people complain about movies being cheesy, but here the cheese rules and it is such good cheese.

Own this movie. Don’t just rent it or watch it once. Pop it in any time you need to feel good about life in general.

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