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Rage is a somewhat unusual Nicolas Cage movie. I saw Rage a long time ago, but you can currently watch for free on Tubi now. I say it is unusual because when it opens you wonder what kind of Nicolas Cage movie this is going to be. He seems like a successful business man. Then you see him in kind of a dive bar that is bright and clean (watch the movie and that description will make sense.)

In said bar he is planning his daughter’s 16th birthday party. The brief conversation leads the viewer to believe his character “had a past” and now owns some cut of said bar. It’s almost hilarious hearing his friends talk about hiding all of the booze and not dealing crystal meth at the door. Okay, his past ain’t that far behind him.

Loving Father

The opening ten minutes or so goes to great lengths to paint the picture of a loving father who clawed his way from street thug to owner of a respected construction company. He sends his daughter to a private school. Is so impressed that his daughter befriends a “working man” kids there on scholarship that he even offers the kid a job in the construction company over the summer. There is a pointed scene where he gets the kid alone and tells him he might be willing to make an exception to his daughter’s dating ban if he was the one that was asking her out.

Like I said, the loving father. One that had more respect for a “working man” than an “old money” family. Doing his duty by informing this kid that he is worthy of dating his daughter. Not a scene you see in many movies period, let along a Nicolas Cage movie.

Violence and Mayhem

Tragedy strikes and daughter dies at home and her friends are wounded. Seems like something from his past. All of the current mob leaders from his “bad boy” days tell him to leave it alone. He cannot. Gathering his old crew, they set out to kill their way to the truth.

Can’t tell you more about it without screwing the movie for you, but the hook at the end will take your jaw off.

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