Review — The Librarian II: Return to King Solomon’s Mines

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Return to King Solomon’s Mines kind of had it all, in a TV-PG kind of way given a television movie budget. It had the Indiana Jones aspect of booby trapped ancient temple; the smoking hot bad-ass chick (Gabrielle Anwar); and it had the whole Planes, Trains, and Automobiles thing going on. This came out in 2006, but you can watch it for free on ElectricNow Television. You just have to sit through commercials.

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Gabrielle Anwar

This was the start of Gabrielle Anwar being universally loved by television audiences of the day. Burn Notice came out in 2007. Here is where she proved she could do that role. Yes, she had roleds before and since. Honestly I had to look at IMDB to find that out. Return to King Solomon’s Mines is where she first appeared on my radar. I do have The Tudors on my list of things to watch, just haven’t gotten there yet.

One has to hand it to her for choosing intelligent, get-something-done, powerful female roles. I hear a lot of Hollywood women complain that there aren’t any good roles for them, then I pop in this, or Burn Notice. Okay, these may not be Oscar worthy chick-flicks, but guys like them.

What You Need to Know

TNT kept to the center lane of what was popular in the theater. We hadn’t had an Indiana Jones movie for a while. This came out in 2006 and the next Indiana Jones movie came out in 2008. There is large speculation that this proved the market had yet to be fully mined. Every movie in this three movie franchise is loyal to the themes, tone, and arrangement of this one.

  • Always a hot strong intelligent female lead.
  • The Librarian is always a likable dufus still living with mom.
  • Countless factoids are spewed throughout the movie.
  • It has a re-watchable factor.

This is a good three movie collection to own. Put it on any time you feel the need to have a visit with an old friend.

Notable Appearances

Jonathan Frakes makes an appearance. That should appeal to the Star Trek TNG fans.

Hakeem Kae-Kazim has a large and memorable role. You should also check him out as Mr. Scott in Black Sails. “Hippos like chocolate.” Remember that factoid, it could save your life.

Robert Foxworth delivers a great performance as Uncle Jerry. I always seem to like the bit roles he is willing to do. Loved him in Babylon 5.

Yes, Bob Newhart is in every one of these and I only mentioned him in this review. He seems to have lived forever and been in everything though. I didn’t once mention Other Brother Daryl or think of him while watching this. If you don’t get that, you simply aren’t old enough.


If you want a slightly toned down Indiana Jones experience and/or you want to play where are they now, this is a great old friend to have visit. It boosted a lot of careers. Special effects are good and not over done. The writing is top notch for a television movie.

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