Review – A Discovery of Witches

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I put A Discovery of Witches on my rental list as an experiment. After watching the first disk of the limited series, I have to say, the experiment did not fail. I fell in love just a few minutes in when I saw River Song (Alex Kingston) from Dr. Who appear in a new role. Alex was also in Warrior Queen, a movie I have in my collection.

Then there was Molly Hooper (Louise Brealey) from Sherlock. (I must say I liked her better with long hair. Someone needs to talk to the crew. That short haircut they gave her is not working.) It’s nice to see her in another role. She has such a distinctive voice there is really no way to hide who she is. Just wish they hadn’t cut her hair off.

Teresa Palmer is easy on the eyes and seems to do a lot of running in the kind of tops hot girls who know they are hot wear. Gotta say that’s not hard on the eyes either and I’m actually a leg man. Her acting ability is something to pay attention to. At first I thought she was just going to be some simpering blonde eye candy for the romantic part of the story. She’s proven she’s got some acting chops. I was pleasantly surprised.

The Goode Connection

Matthew Goode sounds like Benedict Cumberbatch. I realize he was in Downton Abbey so he should be familiar to me, but when I hear his voice in A Discovery of Witches he sounds like Benedict.

Twists and Creative Inventions

Nice story twist. Demons, Vampires, and Witches all trying to figure out their origins which are written down in a book that only one witch can make appear. I really like the words under the page special effect and story line. They gave it a name, but I cannot remember. Nice twist. Most of the witch and vampire stuff I hear about leaves the demons out.

I put all the other disks on my rental list and am busy moving them to the top.

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