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Beautiful Creatures deserves a place on everybody’s rental list. Great acting, nice story line and the cast seems to have chemistry. For techies there is even this well done glove slap to the face of Google with sprinklings of “you can google it” . . . ah, you have to see it. I don’t want to spoil it for you. This movie is a true treasure and a good candidate for one’s personal library of “make me feel better” movies.

In all honesty, Beautiful Creatures has a Disney feel to it. Perhaps that explains its PG-13 rating. It is definitely a movie with a high re-watchable factor.

Alice Englert does a fine job playing a coming of age girl, oh, not the coming of age you think, but coming of age as a witch. Her powers will soon manifest and then she must choose, dark or light. Adding to the complexity of her choice, she has immediate family on both sides.

There is a nice subtext for the thinking person. It is the continual tale of witches being regular people with extraordinary powers. They must choose to between dark and light as we all must. This movie also touches a bit on reincarnation in a sort of Groundhog Day loop. Unless someone is willing to pay the price to break the loop she will live out this life over and over again. Not just her, others which she cares about. Paying the price requires a life and that will make serving the dark her only choice.

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