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Digital World Acquisition Corp shareholders have a September 8th deadline to vote on an extension to the Truth-Social acquisition. Vote NO fools! Hopefully Spacs (special-purpose acquisition companies) have now run their course. This was yet another Wild-Wild-West scam thought up by Wall Street to evade regulations. Companies with questionable accounting and little oversight could end run the IPO accounting rigor to become publicly traded entities.

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It’s fitting that a scam like a Spac was used for a scam like Truth-Social, for sure. Truth-Social will be a small failure compared to the Taj Mahal Casino and others on the perpetually long list of Donald Trump failures.


Truth-Social (which might be more aptly named crazy fiction in a corner!) originally targeted MAGA Nazis. (Don’t call them Republicans! I’m a real Republican, not a Trump turd.) These are the gullible minds that swallowed Putin propaganda hook line and sinker because it fed their Nazi beliefs. That got Donald Trump elected the first time. It will never work again. When there was a concerted effort to stamp out Putin propaganda and QAnon bullshit they needed a new network to gather on.

Trump was delusional enough to believe the roughly 80 million followers he had on Twitter where there because of him. No, they were already on Twitter and simply followed him due to the oddity factor.

Enough Trump


People have had enough of Trump. My post asking if he can get secret service protection in prison is getting a lot of hits because it’s a real question now. Other big names in the Conservative/Republican world have even declared Trump is Done.

No Market for Truth-Social Today

There are estimated to be about 2 million users of Truth-Social – tiny compared with Facebook’s 2.9 billion, YouTube’s 2.5 billion, WhatsApp’s 2 billion, Instagram’s 2 billion, and X, formerly Twitter, which counts about 541 million users.

The Guardian

You read that right, only about 2 million users on Truth-Social, a large percentage of which are reporters simply there to get Trump quotes for press. To understand why you have to have lived during the time before supermarket chains had their own gas stations. Every massive supermarket had a gas station either across the street or next door. Even when they didn’t have the best price those stations did a booming business because people were already there. It wasn’t worth the hassle of driving around to get a better price.

Today most large supermarket chains have their own gas station in the parking lot. Any gas station across the street is a pitiful thing unless that street also happens to be at an Interstate exit.

Twitter got renamed to X and has welcomed Putin propaganda. New Nazis can now visit their old home. This has even become the new Swastika

Woke == Jew

Much of the world is waking up to the fact that in new Nazi speak “Woke == Jew.” In today’s world you cannot directly name a race you are against and the Nazis are against all non-whites so they needed an all-encompassing word that could be printed in newspapers. You would be hard pressed to find a news channel or paper that hasn’t published an article mentioning “Woke Agenda.”

Woke allows people to be Nazis without admitting they are Nazis. They simply claim to be Anti-woke. They can’t even define woke

Conservatives trying to define woke

because it is The Nazi Agenda. It wasn’t just Jews Hitler and the Nazis sent to camps. LGBTQ were sent in large numbers as well as children with birth defects and mental patients. You couldn’t purify a race with bad stock in the gene pool.

MAGA == Nazi

While I’m sure I will get death threats for that heading, people are slowing figuring that MAGA is the new Nazi banner. All you really have to do is listen to what so-called Republicans claim the other side is doing to find out what is really going on inside the MAGA world. They claim a Pedophile Cabal is the “deep state” running the country or something like that, yet who are Trump’s friends?

Trump and Epstein partying at Mar-a-Lago

Desantis even tries to equate woke itself to Nazis to distract from the fact he is running for Trump’s Nazi party. Hopefully you click that link and read the article. It goes into detail about how real Republicans don’t give a rat’s ass when it comes to Nazi social war.

The KKK and Putin may have put Donald Trump in the White House once, but that trick won’t work again.

Republican Realities

The bulk of real Republicans

  • Are progressive or “woke” as the Nazis call us, I’m one and not alone.
  • Don’t like book burnings even if they are only Nazi book bannings now. It’s one of the reasons we don’t like the Taliban either.
  • Have gay and Jewish friends. Many of us have gay family members. All of your MAGA-Nazi LGBTQ bathroom and gender affirming bans aren’t winning us over because we simply don’t give a shit about that.
  • Know that you cannot fix “the border” without fixing immigration and we’ve seen whose been stonewalling those fixes. The people you are keeping out are the people who take jobs picking fruits and vegetables, working in meat packing plants and food services. You’re keeping out the bottom of the labor market while allowing Indian IT firms to pollute/flood the top.
  • Understand Ukraine must be given a blank check and every weapon we can make this side of a nuke. We can’t have true law and order until we’ve wacked Putin and put what used to be Russia under a real democracy. Putin’s disinformation teams are a big part of our problem. Ukraine gets the last bullet we are capable of making. We would welcome a law that lets NRA members (or regular citizens) ship weapons and ammo to Ukraine out of personal collections. People who whine about the number of guns in America should have put that bill out there long ago and had the U.S. military be in charge of packing and shipping the containers.
  • Are pro-abortion. If the Dems codified Roe v. Wade into law we would all vote for it, especially if it took a 7/8ths majority vote to lower the number of weeks once passed.

The Gun Thing

Real Republicans wouldn’t bat an eye at a law that states you have to be over 21 or a member of law enforcement to buy an assault rifle. The Democrat’s problem is trying for a grand slam with banning when the base hit is there for the taking. What the Dems claim to be “common sense” is a swing for the fences to ban all guns. If you really want to have a flood of guns out of the country, see the above point about Ukraine’s blank check.

We are against any kind of finger print or gun control database because it will be secured by the lowest bidder and we have all seen how that goes. Security is so lax in corporations and government that you have to expose at least a 100 million people for it to make the news.

What Remains

As you can see, that leaves a tiny sliver of people to be in the MAGA-Nazi party. They are vocal. Best analogy I’ve heard is “Dead Heads.” They followed The Greatfull Dead around on tour buying tickets to all three shows hearing the same songs every night. These MAGA-Nazi party members seem to do the same thing with Trump. You will find these are also the nutters that fire bomb or shoot up women’s medical centers.

Prison Will Kill Truth-Social

Not just Trump’s upcoming prison time, his hard core followers are going to jail. When Trump is gone to prison, who will generate content for Truth-Social. You see, when you are a Megalomaniac you cannot allow others to seem to be in charge of anything. Trump refused anaesthesia for his colonoscopy to avoid handing control to Pence.

Trump’s followers don’t get access to the Internet in prison (at least unfettered un-monitored access) and he won’t have it either.

So, just what are you buying if everyone who used to go there is in prison along with the main conent creator? Cut your losses, vote no on the extension.

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