Can The President Get Secret Service Protection In Prison?

This is a question which has been on my mind a lot lately. It’s a question that should be on everyone’s mind because for the first time in our country’s history we are going to have to answer it. The impeachment trial was not a criminal trial. They did not call witnesses nor did they subpoena evidence. Anyone who wonders how a Russian Kangaroo Court happens just has to watch the impeachment trial.

We have to wait for President Trump to be out of office for the criminal trial to happen. Make no mistake, it will happen. Yea of short memory might have forgotten the Muller testimony. He was not allowed to charge a sitting President with obstruction of justice but he could charge him once the President left office.

Let us not forget committing one of the same crimes which put Blogo behind bars. How nobody brought that up during the trial, especially after Blogo published his kiss bootie op-ed boggles my mind.

It’s rather amazing this turn of events. The Russians play chess and Americans play baseball. Both are very slow games but chess, when played well, takes longer and requires more thought. To buy the Republican party all Russia had to do was have oligarchs fund bank loans to Trump realestate failures for years (when every other bank ran the other way) and dangle Trump Tower Moscow as a carrot at the end of a stick.

carrot on a stick image
Trump Tower Moscow

Just like that, the Republican party became “Good Komrads.” Moscow Mitch may hate the nickname, but it fits. Talk about going to extremes to erase the memory of Joseph McCarthy! Quite the turn around from the Republican days of Joseph McCarthy tagging everyone as a communist while in the senate, often confused with the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) because both were creating lists of communists. For those who don’t want to read about that time and the Black List of artists you can just rent “Trumbo.” It’s a rather excellent movie.

Supreme Leader Putin image
Supreme Leader Putin

Speaking as a Republican I find it incredibly sad that the upper echelon of the Republican party seems to be in service to Supreme Leader Putin.

So here we are. A President who blatantly committed many crimes. Muller, a former FBI Director, claiming the President can be charged with obstruction when he leaves office. (I didn’t want to waste a ton of time looking for the other clip where someone pressed him during his testimony if he believed he could get a conviction on obstruction and he responded yes. I watched it when it happened but did not want to dig through that much video.) We also have the Blogo crime of putting money which was to be disbursed on hold in an attempt to extort a campaign contribution. (Read the entirety of this post if you don’t believe it was a campaign contribution.) Then we have the GAO (the investigative arm of Congress) stating Trump broke the law putting the money on hold.

Pouring it into a shot glass for you, the administration which follows Trump must allow the FBI to perform a full criminal investigation on these matters. He will no longer have “executive privilege” to block people from testimony. He will be just a citizen and he will go to prison. How can I be certain? Blogo got convicted. Given all of the Illinois politicians Federal prosecutors put in prison for extorting campaign contributions we can all be certain they know exactly how to prosecute that crime. It’s probably considered new-hire training.

We are now full circle. Can the President get Secret Service protection while in prison?

It’s a question which will have to be answered the minute he leaves office.

3 thoughts on “Can The President Get Secret Service Protection In Prison?

  1. Easy answer – F&%$ no. Karma is a what goes around comes around kinda thing. Though I must admit, it is a great question. Would Secret Service personnel be docked pay for “field conditions?” After all, they would have to live in prison and eat prison food. Kinda like all those shitty deployments I had to do throughout the decade of the ’90s in the deserts of Saudi Arabia. Or… would the Secret Service personnel have to rotate that crap duty for hardship duty pay? I say we let the experts in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) determine how best to unravel this shit storm which has been spurred by the occupant of our nation’s top office.

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