What Nikki Hailey Needs to Do

Nikki Hailey

I haven’t delved deeply into Nikki Haley’s positions on the issues. Most Americans haven’t. The comment about trans-gender kids causing suicide ideation made Nikki Haley sound Majorie Taylor Greene crazy. That pretty much put her off my and most American’s radar. We already have one circus freak in Washington (guess who), we don’t need another.

Here are a few things she is right about.

Ukraine is Fighting For America

This is the God’s honest truth. Real Republicans and most older Democrats believe this in their heart of hearts. The only Americans who do not are Communists, also know as Putin’s Meat Puppets. They are easy to spot, they are the ones calling for an end to funding Ukraine’s war with Russia, sometimes phrased as “shouldn’t be a blank check.” Getting America to withdraw funding and support of Ukraine is a major focus of Putin’s disinformation network. MTG has doubled down on Communism trying to hold a government funding bill hostage to Putin’s demand.

Ukraine gets every bullet, bomb, missile, and weapon we can manufacture this side of a tactical nuke, period.

If you only watch the news once in a while it is easy to see the Communist infiltration in American politics. Comrade Kevin McCarthy is even parroting Putin’s mantra now. Both Getz and Boebert have been firmly in Putin’s Communist party for quite some time. You do remember this, correct?

Check out the story on snopes.com. Both oppose funding Ukraine which is Putin’s position. Nothing could be more un-American than attempting to halt funding of Ukraine in its war effort. Good Comrades one and all.


She’s been all over the place. Claiming to be Pro-Life then offending the frothing at the mouth crazies who want a permanent ban on all abortion with zero exception. You know, The Christian Taliban who also fire bomb and shoot up women’s medical centers with staff and patients inside claiming to be doing “God’s work!”

The New York Times did a pretty good job covering this. I don’t like the New York Times, not the least little bit, but they did a pretty good job covering this. She did sign a 20-week ban in her state. From what little I’ve seen she appears to bounce between “let the states decide” to “there should be a Federal ban at …”

Stop Counting Weeks!

I understand that Nikki Haley has abandoned the Trump frothing at the mouth nutters, too bad the rest of the Republican party hasn’t. This is a small pack of rabid dogs. Yes, there always seems to be a hundred of them in front of the camera, but a hundred votes won’t make you President. There are millions of dogs that aren’t rabid, we just want someone worth voting for. None of the leading candidates are that person.

You need to solidify your stance on viability

Every level headed Republican, Independent, and Democrat knows that the United States Supreme Court practiced medicine without a license when they overturned Roe v. Wade. They should most definitely be prosecuted for that. Being a Justice on the Supreme Court doesn’t mean you can’t go to prison for practicing medicine without a license.

Every level headed Republican, Independent, and Democrat knows that “N weeks” bans are just a greasy slimy Christian Taliban path to a complete ban having zero exceptions. That’s the same group that wants to repeal the 19th Amendment and ban women from attending school beyond the 4th grade. Fundamentalists are the same no matter which religious text the follow. A woman’s only purpose is the having and rearing of children.

A Federal codifying of Roe v Wade as a Constitutional Amendment based on viability keeps the greasy mitts of the Christian Taliban off of a total ban forever.

That’s what you need to put down as your position on Abortion Nikki Haley. That’s where the country is right now and viability will allow the weeks to be lowered by science. Yes, I believe you can find enough Republicans willing to vote for a Constitutional Amendment based on viability. If you start running on it more will voice support and be sent to Washington with you.

Taxes and Economy

“The first thing we want to do is eliminate the corporate income tax,” Haley said in Aug. 2010, per The State newspaper.

Meet the Press Blog

That’s bat-shit crazy and you know it Nikki. It plays well with big donors but nobody wants to live in a Right to Work state because they are bastions of oppression, low wages, along with trailer parks and other ghettos. Yes, warmer southern states like Florida try to spin that bullshit but here’s the reality. When the average age in your state is 72, those people moved there for warm weather and are living on Social Security.

CEO Greed

You cannot do anything about corporate taxes until you get rid of upper class greed. CEO pay has become a narcotic. The more they get the more they want. In 1965 CEO pay was roughly 20 times the median worker wage and America was pretty great. It was the tail end of the Baby Boomer generation where the symbol of American prosperity wasn’t how fancy your car was or taking vacations in Europe, it was a man being able to say one phrase to everyone he met.

My wife doesn’t have to work

Mantra of America’s Greatest Generation

Some women chose to be nurses, doctors, etc., but a boy could graduate high school and start a good paying factory job the following week. By the time they hit their early twenties they were married with a couple of kids. Being able to utter the above phrase was a thump your chest kind of pride.

Ethics in Income Act

I’ve written about the Ethics in Income Act before, sometimes calling it Trickle Down With a Chainsaw. It has to be a Republican that introduces this and you should campaign on it. Uncle Ronnie introduced most of us Americans to Trickle-Down Economics, a scam that doesn’t work. It assumes real human beings interested in the betterment of the species are at the top.

Disney replace U.S IT workers with Indians, forcing them to train all of their replacements, and now they are paying the CEO 500 times the salary of the median worker. One thing The Panama Papers taught us is just how far the wealthy will go to hide all of their money.

Nikki Haley Summary

There are over twenty states where people can cross over to vote in primaries. Yes, they have various rules, but you are already targeting this. So, really target it.

  • Campaign on a Constitutional Amendment to codify a woman’s right to choose based on viability not weeks. This will make Roe v Wade part of the Constitution and not subject to Supreme Court Justices accepting bribes.
  • A Lend-Lease Act for Ukraine. We need to remove Putin’s grip in Congress. Pushing through an act to authorize whatever weapons they need this side of a nuke will end that. There aren’t that many Communists in office. The ones that are there just like mouthing off in front of the camera.
  • Trickle Down With a Chainsaw. No matter how clueless Trump Supporters are, you can make them understand the CEO of their publicly traded company cannot make more than 100 times what they do spread across all forms of compensation including stock options. The only way for the CEO to make more is to pay the lowest workers more. Even a Keller MBA can sell that to the UAW.

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