Infinite Exposure – Pt. 53

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Heidi was prepping one of the secured living quarters when Nikolaus walked in.

“How are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m well,” she responded. “Looks like we will be up and running soon. Now I suppose we will find out who else on the team doesn’t have what it takes to be here.”

“Regrettably, yes,” responded Nikolaus. “They will be rounding up six more cells this week. Some of the suspected Hamburg cell members are being picked up as we speak. We’ve already located a couple of organ recipients for the ones currently undergoing interrogation.”

“I wish we could approach everyone who needs the organs,” replied Heidi. “I do hate seeing them go to waste.”

“It’s a bit too risky to do that now. The black market databases are the best method at this time. When the number of patients coming through here increases, we will have our own people set up Web sites to auction the organs off. For now, we cannot cut the others out. Everyone knows it is not a permanent relationship. It is only a matter of time before each site gets shut down or blocked from nearly every country.”

“Do you know how many more rooms I need to prepare? I have the rest of the day off, so I could get them all done today rather than trying to do it all in a rush when they arrive.”

“We currently have only the two women in custody. I won’t have any other information until tomorrow about the cells being rounded up today. Some may end up in the hands of local authorities. Until you kick in the door you cannot be sure who is there.”

“Well, I guess I can go home and relax in a tub then. Perhaps get some carry-out dinner as well,” responded Heidi. “I have the two rooms done now, and we are both assuming the women will opt to live.”

Nikolaus nodded.

Heidi left the compound and drove home. For reasons she could not explain she pulled out a letter-writing pad and took it to the tub with her. She decided to write a letter.


It has been quite some time since we spoke. I must confess I was quite moved when you claimed me as one of your own. I did not feel your squad owed me anything, but your offer was quite touching nonetheless.

Currently involved in an OP which I cannot describe. Some time in the future I may need extraction. No danger now. Simply keep listening. When you hear about something ugly happening here, it will be time to come and get me.


The closing time gal

The last line brought a sad smile to her face. She had some very fond memories of hanging out with that squad and missed her lover from it. In part she added it because they could all laugh about it now. In part she wrote it in case the squad leader was no longer above ground and the rest of the squad needed to remember who she was.

Once finished with her bath, she addressed an envelope and sent it to one of the addresses she had been provided. With postage on the letter, she went out the door with the letter in her coat pocket. She knew she most likely had surveillance on her. The level of clearance she had pretty much demanded it. There was a shopping mall not far from her apartment. The food court there had a postal drop near the bathrooms and cash stations. She should be able to easily drop the envelope on her way to the cash station without anyone getting suspicious. Had she been intent on hiding it, she would have sat at her table paying bills before she left. Anyone observing her wouldn’t think twice about a bundle of envelopes.

She didn’t exactly know why she did it. She had always been a firm believer in the party line. All of these people were part of a terrorist network and really did deserve to die. Still, given the history her country had and the way some thought in the party, it wouldn’t be long before they were using any excuse to round up any Muslim and run them through.

Nikolaus had been a friend of the family for a very long time. He had seen to it that this operation could house no more than one hundred women. It took approximately four hours to complete harvesting from each person, less time if all they were harvesting was the blood. Still, someone would notice if the incinerators started running twenty-four hours per day seven days per week. It was always good to have a plan of escape in case things went horribly wrong.

Revenue from the organ, marrow, blood, and soon stem cells flowed through accounts which provided money to the board members, company, and shareholder dividends. The party owned a lot of shares and thus would launder its money via dividends and shares of stock. The party, through one of its investment companies, owned a large chunk of debt which was convertible to dividend-paying shares. Of course, the share price had to go up dramatically to make the conversion worth while. It was going up significantly this quarter thanks to the secured location and its antidote storage. The board didn’t know about the sale of body components. Once the stem cells started selling it was going to be difficult to hide from them. Their hands had to be good and dirty before they were allowed to know about those. Thankfully it was Nikolaus’s job to ensure the board’s hands were bloody.

Kent received a letter signed by the board members. They had received feedback from the bank’s auditors. It was the opinion of the auditors that Pytho Corporation would meet French certification requirements within the month. Kent was instructed to obtain a new bid which was at least 20 percent less than the current price. The first banking system to be converted would be the French. Pytho Corporation was to commit in writing to obtaining certification for all other countries First Global Bank did business in no later than eight months from the date of contract signing. The letter went on about the order of rollout to the other countries, but oddly didn’t mention either Canada or the U.S. Kent noticed that Margret had been copied on the letter as well.

It didn’t surprise Kent that the board wanted input on this issue. They liked to feel they were in control. Perhaps they actually would be once this software was rolled out. There were many accountants who could be let go once each business unit came online with the new software. He had thought about making France the first country on the timeline, but that would have meant delaying it just as the board was doing. He wanted this project to hide the fact they didn’t get the data center migration done. The board had seen to it that both projects would drag on past the two years Kent was supposed to be in IT, so he wouldn’t be able to get all of the credit and a two-level promotion.

Well, he needed to see just how much influence he had with Big Four Consulting now. He picked up the phone to call Kathryn.

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