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The Big Kahuna takes a while to get into. I like Kevin Spacey and Danny DeVito so I gave it the time it wanted. If you like Kevin Spacey roles where his character does a lot of talking from left field, then you will find this enjoyable. It’s a niche movie. Not for everyone, but, I will probably rent it again some years down the road.

If you have ever worked for a startup trying to land their first big client or for some other business where you keeping your job directly hung on the company making another big sale, you can probably relate to this movie. Three salesmen with no budget attend a convention trying to woo a whale of a client. If they don’t do it, at least one of them, if not more, will be out of a job.

The Big Kahuna shows the tricks and techniques used to try and game a client into believing you are way more than your appearance. In short it is all about sales. Their competitors have rented whole floors of the hotel, big banquet rooms and are serving expensive food with pricey drinks. These guys are basically down to potato chips and canned beer or so it seems.

As I said, The Big Kahuna is a niche movie. You have to be ready for a movie which is more mental than visual. You have to be listening to the dialog, not Tweeting, while the movie plays. It has some good moments.

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