Review – The Extra Man


The Extra Man an incredibly odd movie. While it is enjoyable, if you have any issues with alternative lifestyles being discussed you should definitely skip it. I put it on the rental list because Kevin Kline was in it.

It’s not to say that I was disappointed with the film. It had an oddity which was intriguing in a Monty Python kind of way. It was just that they don’t warn you about the veering off into the transvestite culture in the movie promos, or at least the ones I saw. Caught me a bit off guard.

The rest of the comic absurdity was along the lines of what I expected. Kevin Kline did an excellent over-the-top gentleman’s gentleman and John C. Reilly didn’t really even need to speak, his appearance said it all.

While I wouldn’t see this movie twice, I would recommended it to anyone looking for a comedy deep in the non-mainstream world. Especially one which makes fun of vegans and socks-in-sandals wearing tree huggers.

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