Review – Alien Tracker (2001)

Alien Tracker cover

I’m going to give Alien Tracker two stars though that is a touch generous. If Alien Tracker had been made back in the 1970s I would probably give it four stars. If you are stuck in a hotel just thumbing through channels it is worth killing time with.

To understand what I mean by my 1970s remark you need to have watched Soylent Green or Escape From the Planet of the Apes. We didn’t have high end graphics computers then. Because of that special effects had to be actual effects and that meant they were expensive. During the 1970s most science fiction that made it to theaters had something of a “common look.” Much of that look could probably be attributed to the fashion of the 1970s.

Alien Tracker had me thinking it was shot in the 1970s when I saw it. Would have been great for the 1970s. Not so great for 2001. This whole tracking alien fugitives thing has been done to death. They tossed in a worm hole to make it a bit more science fiction.

It is a PG-13 movie so if you have nothing else to watch with the kids it might be worth putting on. If your kids haven’t seen a lot of science fiction, this might seem like a great movie to them. To someone old and jaded like me, this was the kind of film they shot in the 1970s because it was new and interesting them.

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