Marjorie Taylor Greene – Sharp as a Marble

Poor Marjorie Taylor Greene.

She follows a fake president (Donald Trump).

She believes fake news. (Election Fraud).

She hangs out with a Republican that is going to be convicted of having sex with an underage girl. (And paying for it no less.)

Gaetz & Greene

Yet she won’t eat “fake meat” because it is grown in a Peach Tree Dish!

She’s way dumber than Dan Quayle. He just couldn’t spell.


That’s why we geeks add a spell checker to every word processor we create. Some even have grammar checkers.

Every time you think the Trump Terrorist Cell can’t go any lower, they come up with a new low.

I’m loving the delayed sentencing of Gaetz’s “wingman.” You just know he’s turned State’s Evidence and you know a subpoena got his Venmo records. Here’s a tip for you. If you are going to pay to break the law, use cash! Digital payments of any kind are already in the evidence locker before they come to arrest you.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the girl just can’t catch a break!

She’d have better luck running for office keeping her mouth shut.

I gotta wonder though, is Marjorie Taylor Greene trying to be Matt’s Ghislaine Maxwell?

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