Just How Far Below the Bottom Will Trump Supporters Go?

Just when you think the ethics, morals, decency, and IQ of Trump supporters couldn’t go any lower, it drops another 30 feet. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz really have taken it upon themselves to prove no form of life is too low for a Trump Supporter. Actually attempting to hold a news conference on Tuesday July 27, 2021 calling the terrorists who stormed the capital on January 6th “political prisoners.” On the same day four of the officers involved who came close to losing their lives in the carnage were testifying before the House Select Committee.

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You know, when I wrote this post on the Pedophile Cabal behind Trump some thought it was just political theater. It’s now becoming the mainstream belief as more and more about Gaetz and his friends comes to light. So much so that you now see the protester holding up a “Pedophiles for Trump” sign.

Trump Supporter Angles

I can understand his jumping onto these fake reality type shows. As long as people are talking about how stupid he and Marjorie are, they aren’t talking about the under age sex trafficking. The spectacle also appears to help him fund raise according to that linked article.

What I haven’t completely figured out, mostly because I haven’t cared enough to try, is Marjorie Taylor Green’s angle. Many people want to paint her as just a nutter from the same insane asylum as Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, but there is a bit too much commitment to her effort for that.

Ted Cruz we can all forget about given he will be heading to prison for the same crime we put Jesse Jackson Jr. in prison for. At some point soon in one of his testimony episodes Dr. Fauchi is going to lose it and make a citizen’s arrest of Rand Paul for practicing medicine without a license. That means we can all pretty much dismiss Rand Paul.

Admittedly I haven’t paid much attention to Marjorie Taylor Greene. I assumed she was just another actress paid to play a role on the fake reality television show that doubled as the Trump presidency. Lately there has been too much zeal. She might well be a pure bred Nazi. Haven’t seen one of them in public in a while. Given we have a new Brown Shirts organization running amuck in America as true Trump Supporters, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Gotta wonder why she is getting so close to Gaetz though? That’s definitely going to blow up. All of the reports I have read have a money trail tying him to the 17 year old.

First rule of criminal investigation:

Follow the money.

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