Eating Florida Fish Can Make You Fail a Drug Test

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You heavily medicated gummers gotta stop pissing in the ocean and wading in with that fanny pack infusion pump. Can’t blame this one on the drug cartels and their square headed dolphin. They aren’t smuggling in prostate medication. For those unfamiliar with Florida drug smuggling slang; square headed dolphin is the term the local gummers have for kilos of drugs that wash up on the beach.

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Is it just me or does everything in Florida get done half-assed? It really seems like it. They have that worthless piece of shit Ron DeSantis making a mockery of Democracy and all things Americans hold sacred. They had the Surfside Condominium Collapse on his watch because he was too busy trying to get registered voters to commit mass suicide by refusing masks and vaccines. I guess the upside is that it would only be people stupid enough to vote for his worthless ass. Well, him and the equally worthless Donald Trump. When you put the IQ of those two in a shot glass the condensed vacuum suddenly creates enough room to park an 18-wheeler in that same shot glass. But hey, you’ve read about Florida and COVID-19 on here before.

The untreated sewage of Florida being dumped into the ocean for so long it’s now not safe to eat the fish.

Thanks DeSantis! You’re too busy being an asshole to actually fix anything.

It doesn’t matter what the EPA or FDA consider a “safe” level of contamination. These are pharmaceuticals that people may have allergies to. People may also currently be taking the maximum “safe does” of one or more and that fish could constitute an overdose. Really depends on just how much the fish has absorbed. Before you write that off as some kind of nutter statement, remember Brittany Murphy. It wasn’t the pneumonia or being anemic or the prescription or the over-the-counter that killed her; it was all of it.

It’s only gotta last until I die

That’s a real problem with old people. I’m by no means young, and I’ve been hearing old people say that all my life. When you concentrate an excessive amount of old people all in one place like Florida, the entire state is just going to turn to shit. Gummers don’t want to actually maintain anything.

“I might not be here next year! Why worry about it?”

expression heard time and time again

Nobody maintained the Surfside Condo and the government in Florida couldn’t be bothered to enforce building codes & maintenance in any reasonable manner to prevent the disaster. The same is true of the sewage system.

Without even trying you can find articles dating back to 2017 about the sad state of Florida sewage. Actually all the way back to 2015 without any effort. According to recent reports it’s just going to get worse because nobody fixes anything in Florida.

Gummers and little kids are swimming in sewage

You are spending your vacation dollars to swim in raw sewage. Florida has now become a state George Carlin could have grown up in.

George Carlin – swimming in raw sewage

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