Turning Off Sonim XP5 Alarm Clock

sonim phonesRecently I had to switch from my 3G Sonim phone to the 4G I kept around for testing. I really liked that smaller phone. It fit the hand well and had awesome battery life, usually only required charging once per week. Sadly, AT&T seems to be shutting down 3G service in my area. Not along the Interstates or in large cities, but they are testing things for 5G in the rural areas and that means shutting down 3G in some towers.

When I travel and even on the farm I use my phone as a backup alarm. It went off when I was signing in at one client site and the receptionist made a comment about it being time to wake up. I responded “No. That’s my Holy Shit Alarm.” She looked at me quizzically and I answered “You see what time it went off? If I’m still in bed when it goes off I wake up exclaiming ‘Holly Shit I’m late!'” She then laughed, getting my meaning.

Operating the alarm of my Bolt was straight forward. The XP5700, however, seems like the alarm got added as an afterthought. First you have to navigate to “Tools” from the full menu screen.

Then you have to choose clocks.

From there you can kinda figure out how to set an alarm. The user interface is quite horrible though.

Where the wheels come off the cart is trying to turn the alarm off. You will find nothing about it in the user manual. Well I didn’t. There is this tiny 1.5 second message box which pops up. Like anyone is awake enough first thing in the morning to see it. The message tells you to hit the tiny little right arrow to cancel the alarm and the tiny little left arrow to sleep.

I don’t know why they couldn’t support the red stop button which worked on the other phone. You can see what it might be like in the early morning hours in the video below.




If you would like more useful information and to even own a book that has an essay talking about your Sonim XP5 then please check out this author’s new title, The Minimum You Need to Know About the Phallus of AGILE.

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