The Only Thing Will Smith Did Wrong Was Apologize

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The only thing Will Smith did wrong was apologize for slapping Chris Rock. Jay Leno may have had a valid point about the profanity but it was all bleeped out on regular television so more entertaining than offensive.

Chris Rock was being a bitch. He was informed he was being a bitch by a single gentlemanly slap. It wasn’t the start of a brawl. Many times the only way a bitch knows they are being a bitch is via that slap.

There is no difference between what Chris Rock was doing and this:

Donald Trump makes fun of handicapped

None what-so-ever. If you are defending Chris Rock you are defending shit like this because that’s exactly what Chris Rock was doing. Will Smith should have never apologized.

Will Smith’s wife didn’t reach out to Chris Rock and say “Chris, I would really like to draw more attention to this disease/affliction I have. Why don’t you make a joke about it on international television?” She could have done that, but she didn’t. In short, Chris Rock was just a bitch. Will Smith did the right thing.

Tired of Amy Schumer Trauma

Get a life would you? You weren’t slapped, yet you claim to be traumatized? Why don’t you walk down the streets of Chicago, have people get shot right beside you, then hear about Kim Fox letting the shooter out of jail before the ink is dry on the arrest report? Chicago cops use cheap ball point pens. That ink dries fast. Being a hapless pedestrian caught in gang crossfire is truly a traumatizing event. I’m so glad I don’t have HBO Max because I would definitely have to cancel my subscription as long as they keep Amy’s show on.

While we are #cancelAmySchumer and #cancelHBOMax we all need to #cancelTheAcademy. I’m serious! We need a Website that lists all of the actors, directors, and studios that aren’t part of “The Academy.” Those are the actors and studios I’m going to put on my rental and pay-to-see-in-theater lists. I haven’t signed up for a streaming service because I haven’t seen one that put on the big boy pants and stood up for Will Smith. He’s a gifted actor who defended his wife in a gentlemanly fashion. Chris Rock was just being a bitch.

No. I’m not renting, buying, or watching anything with Chris Rock in it again.

I held my peace as long as I could.

Will, let me know what you are starring in next. I will make a point of seeing it in the theater, COVID-19 or not. You’re an honorable man.

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