Why Isn’t Rand Paul in Prison?

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After today’s news I really have to ask “Why isn’t Rand Paul in prison?” For those who did not yet see the news, a man was sentenced to three years for threats to Fauci. This is after an armed man with a ‘hit list’ that had Fauci’s name on it was arrested in Iowa on his way to the White House.Admittedly, and sadly, this isn’t the first time Rand Paul has been written about on this blog. He is just such a disgusting individual.

Most everybody saw this exchange.

Dr. Fauci and Rand Paul exchange

There before Congress we were all told about the absolute lies Rand Paul was putting on his Web site just to raise money. Rand Paul was told on camera in this and other hearings these things were patently false.

I haven’t followed up on what happened with the guy arrested in Iowa mentioned in this clip.This other sentencing popped up in my news feed. Here’s the questions I have though.

Wire Fraud?

According to Investopedia Wire Fraud has the following definition.

Definition of Wire Fraud from Investopedia

Why hasn’t the DOJ prosecuted Rand Paul for Wire Fraud? Fauci made a very compelling case testifying before Congress that Senator Paul is using these lies to make money, clearly showing the donation buttons.


The Virginia man now sentenced to 37 months got his disinformation from somewhere. Was it Senator Paul’s web site? Michelle Carter was sentenced for “death by text” and got 15 months.

How about accessory to attempted murder or whatever they are charging the dude arrested in Iowa with? He was locked and stocked with weapon, ammo, and hit list. Who pointed him at Fauci with disinformation on a Web site that had been repeatedly proven was disinformation?

It seems to me it is time for Mr. Paul’s chickens to come home to roost. The DOJ should now be focusing on who served up the nutter pooridge to these individuals and just how many times it was proven that nutter pooridge was patently false.

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