Will Hurd and the Sad GOP

I will be up front, I went to the Will Hurd Web site, read through it, sent him money. I also went to the Asa Web site, read through it, didn’t send him money. Asa has two real problems:

  • He looks older than Biden
  • His plan reads like typical Republican rhetoric without much real substance for policies

Rigged Republican Primary

Both of them have to deal with a Republican Primary rigged for Donald Duck. The Nazis and Communists making up 99% of the Fox News audience want circus freaks in a battle royal lighting their hair on fire, so that’s what we get.

Rigged You say? Yes.

Remember the first time Cadet Bone Spurs ran for office? There was a field almost as big as my first grade class. “The Big Stage” got everyone polling above some randomly chosen percentage. A few days later we had “the kids stage” for the also running nobody knows them candidates. Mostly the same questions so we got to hear as much as we could. Well, “The Big Stage” had a tyrant ranting, raving, interrupting, and shouting down like a two year old told to eat his broccoli.

What do we get this year?

Nothing. We get a debate stage where once again people behave like two year olds ranting, raving, interrupting, and shouting down. Yes 70% of likely Republican voters didn’t watch it, we are still waiting for that other stage where people who have actual policies speak like adults without interrupting each other.

You networks! Had every reason to run a “kids stage” debate. The writers and actors are on strike! If nothing else running the “kids stage” debate would stretch out content already in the can. It’s going to be a while before you get new stuff other than late night talk shows.

This is how the RNC rigs it for Trump

Never have or allow a “kids table” debate. People with actual policies could easily stop the soon to be incarcerated Donald Trump from winning if ideas and actual policies are allowed to be heard. Personally I want to see PBS host a GOP debate where candidates who sign a pledge to never pardon Trump get to take the stage.

I think such a debate would be informative. These would be level headed candidates that have actual policies.

Back to Hurd’s main problem


You keep sending out emails asking for more money claiming to “listen to us” yet there is not one single link on your campaign page to send you and your team a message. Hit “Reply” to one of your money plea emails and it seems to go straight into the bit bucket.

You need to fire your campaign manager and Web designers.

Yes, you have things like:

  • 86% Believe it is essential to maintain Social Security
  • 72% Are unhappy with the current US economy

But that is pollsters, not “listening to us.” The people who are giving you small donations now, when you are a nobody from nowhere on the national stage, need a way to communicate with you. Money is not speech, it is how you get speech heard. Your donations are drying up not because your numbers suck, but because there is no way to communicate with you. I know I stopped sending money because of that and I can’t be the only one.

No big splash

Yes, finding out what 70+% of Americans want and doing that is a level headed way for a President to behave. Speaking Presidential and understanding a President only needs to lead during times of crisis isn’t news worthy. It’s amazing just how many Americans got to watch Trump providing absolute zero leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic and are still willing to vote for that hunk of shit. If it wasn’t for Dr. Fauci I firmly believe over half of America would have died.

You have an opportunity for a big splash. Simply announce Trickle Down With a Chain Saw, also known as The Hundred Fold Rule, as a major plank in your election platform. You could be the first Republican President elected in my lifetime with an overwhelming Union vote.

Beware Survey Percentages

People blurt percentages out and there is nothing behind them but people hear them often enough and start to believe them. Most of them are bullshit. All you have to do is choose the proper bull when conducting a “survey” or “poll.”

For a number of years now the Republican party was sending me “surveys” in the mail. If the “survey” didn’t require postage to send back I filled it out and sent it back. Most of the multiple-choice questions gave you four choices only an imbecile could have come up with. For many of those I would write “None of the above.”

Almost none of these “surveys” offered a general writing place for “what do you think our priorities should be?” When they did I always wrote

Putting Trump in Prison

My respone

Guess What?

After the 5th or 6th time I did that the RNC stopped sending me “surveys.” I never sent them any money because the policy positions they had filled in could have only come from someone on a bad acid trip. What message does this send?

It is the RNC position that you could not want Donald Trump in prison and still be a Republican. Law and order means absolutely nothing, unless you are trying to prosecute Hunter Biden.

Cato Institute and Hillsdale College

At this same time Hillsdale College was sending Cato Institute stuff seemingly every month. I didn’t mind the Constitution booklets. I even read the college pamphlet for a while. This place kept getting further and further from reality. I don’t remember what the final straw was, but they sent me something that was looking back at a speck a great distance behind it wondering why bat-shit crazy could not keep up with it. I wrote them and told them to delete me from their list.

Another issue showed up right on time. This time I called the number and called the college to demand they stop sending me shit. At this point it had devolved to shit too.

Summary of Percentages and Pollsters

When your campaign sent me an email about AI taking jobs asking me to take a survey, that is the first time I had taken any poll having to do with any subject you list a percentage for on your Web site.

When pollsters have Trump up 40+ points, they’ve never talked to me.

When the RNC sent “surveys” out they never had one single question about “Should we help put Donald Trump in Prison?”

Reading things like this make me believe their might be real Republicans left. Even when Trump is removed from the ballet by the 14th Amendment for his blatant coup attempt on January 6th, you still have a communication problem.

Time to make a big policy splash.

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