Thank You Adam Kinzinger

Adam Kinzinger

Thank you for voting to impeach Donald Trump a second time. This was the right call. I’m even going to quote you here.

“if these actions — the Article II branch inciting a deadly insurrection against the Article I branch — are not worthy of impeachment, then what is an impeachable offense?”

Adam Kinsinger

Yes, there were nine others, I will get to them later. You are from Illinois so you get the primary shout out. It gives me hope that one day Republicans instead of terrorists will once again lead the Republican party.

I gotta admit, most of my life it has been embarrassing to call myself a Republican. We had the George Ryan years. (Probably only painful for Illinois.) We also had the failed presidencies of both father and son Bush. Really presidencies that were embarrassments to the human race.

The son was such an embarrassment idiots put him in office a second time just so they could laugh about it. At least the entire world now knows he could not win daddy’s war because we are still mired there three presidents later. Ah, WMD, Word of Massive Denial.

No, for most of my life, with the notable exceptions of John McCain and Ronald Regan, every Republican “We the People” sent to Washington considered it their mission in life to be a steaming pile of dog excrement. Honestly I had lost all hope for the party. One would think after spending years in Washington the piles would stop steaming, but they never cool down or go away.

The First Thank You

As a small child watching the impeachment of President Nixon on a black and white television, it was then that I firmly became a Republican. They had both ethics and integrity.

Those people were someone to look up to. Leading by example for us youngsters. They were willing to impeach one of their own because of those two things. Sadly, during the first impeachment of Trump they proved to the world those two qualities were lost on a garage sale.

Unlike Trump, Nixon actually did good things. In today’s world of Facebook, Amazon, and Google, that little B&E at the Watergate hotel seems like a parking lot fender bender, but it was big then. Today people use a computer in another country to get far more information than anyone could via B&E.

When the Ugly Started

Salon has a really good article on the “Southern Strategy” that started in 1960 when certain republicans realized they could get elected by catering to bible thumping terrorists, notably, The Klan.

When you have people wearing white sheets showing up in the middle of the night to burn a cross in your yard, that’s terrorism. Before we had suicide bombers and people storming the capital building that and lynchings were the definitions of terrorism in America. Then it became the bible thumping terrorists who fire bombed or shot up women’s medical centers with people inside.

The bible thumping terrorists didn’t really grab hold of the reigns until McCain picked Sarah Palin as a running mate. I don’t know exactly how that happened. I have written an eight part series on this blog titled How Did It Happen? with respect to how Trump got into office.

Even President Obama pointed out the Nazi-like terrorist element rose to power at that time. Haven’t read enough of his stuff to determine if he believes there was any connection. Personally I don’t believe he does mainly because I don’t believe there is a direct connection other than the growth of propaganda medial outlets and the fact she was good on camera. A real ratings bump. Even had great zingers for radio like that hockey mom and a pit bull thing.

The Propaganda Got Way Out of Hand

I won’t re-hash all that is in my eight part series, but social media without moderation allowed the worst of the worst to run amuck. It’s even lead to Faux News and a few other mainstream media outlets becoming little more than propaganda machines. There certainly is no shortage of GOP tabloids!

The GOP tabloid in my area is the Kankakee Daily Journal. You know it. They interview you from time to time. For some time now they’ve had this nutter Alan Webber spouting the baseless gospel of Trump. He went so far on November 28, 2020 as to deliberately plant the idea of Civil War in the tiny little minds of the other nutters following Trump. In a later article he tried to distance himself from that, then claim a free and fair election was a coup.

Here is a quote from it:

Anyway, Minzey stated, “…Who decides who runs the country? When you hate each other but accept the election results, you have a country. When you stop accepting election results, you have a countdown to a civil war.”

After the four years of hell we just lived through during the Trump administration, my thoughts are Minzey’s words were prophetic. Given the unrelenting investigations, starting about 20 minutes after Trump took office, which led to an eventual sham impeachment; and now the reports of possible voter fraud in several states in this last election, something ominous seems to be settling over our country.

What might another civil war look like? We got a taste of it this summer when extremists from ANTIFA and BLM childishly threw tantrums in Democratic cities.

Alan Webber

I’m pointing that out so you can pass the information along to the authorities investigating the failed coup attempt in Washington. It ceased being a First Amendment issue the moment the failed coup attempt physically started. One also needs to clean up their own back yard before they point at the neighbors. This is your back yard.

There is one question I would like your office to look into. I’ve written a blog post about it. Why weren’t they all mowed down?

What People Don’t Understand

The Bible thumping terrorists supporting Trump and Ted Cruz aren’t Republicans, they are terrorists, plain and simple. Just like Jihadists they warp a peaceful religion into a thing of murder.

Held prayer during coup attempt

Real Republicans are Conservative Progressives. No, that is not an oxymoron and they aren’t diametrically opposed viewpoints. We like to keep the cost of government down, but we won’t cut a dime of spending knowing full well it will cost us $50+ down the road to clean that cost up.

Just take a look at some of our great achievers.

Lincoln started a war to end slavery. Ending slavery was a very progressive idea.

Ronald Regan got communist Russia to play the capitalist game of who can spend the most money and he bankrupted the country. This brought down the Berlin wall. That was very progressive.

Even Mr. Nixon has quite a list of progressive achievements.

  • Created the EPA – this is why people are going to prison over Flint Michigan drinking water and why we have drinking water standards
  • Ended the Draft
  • National Cancer Act on the 23rd of December 1971 – most of us know someone who is still alive because of this
  • Cut the deficit by 70%
  • First president to fight for Guaranteed Health Care – he lost but he fought for it and his plan was much like Obamacare
  • A Guaranteed Income – he lost but he fought for it.
  • Lowering The Voting Age with the 26th Amendment – few remember there was a time when a teenager could drive a car, have their own place and be sent to war yet not have the right to vote. That time ended with the 26th Amendment.
  • First example of Affirmative Action in U.S. history with the Philadelphia Plan
  • Title IX gender equality
  • Desegregation

Of those achievements, cut the deficit by 70% is the only conservative thing he did. Everything else was highly progressive. Before the terrorists grabbed the reigns, Republicans used to be the progressive party.

Here is hoping you and those who stood with you in voting to impeach are a whole lot more like Richard M. Nixon than what has been masquerading as a Republican all of these years.

Hopefully you will listen to the Yang Gang and get the $2000/month UBI passed for at least the duration of COVID-19. That means it has to run until the end of next year not the end of this year.

Yang Gang UBI

Why? You can’t keep putting a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures. Eventually that financial time bomb will go off unless you put money in people’s hands to pay their back rent/mortgage. That bomb is going to be bigger than the Subprime mortgage crisis we all lived through.

Why? Even prime mortgage holders are out of work. Right now there is no mortgage backed financial instrument out there an investor can trust. Too many people have been out of work too long. It’s a numbers game. Unemployment can’t fix it.

The universal truth is, when you give people with a lot of debt money, they spend it. This generates sales tax and income tax revenue. More importantly, it keeps the economy going.

Hopefully you will follow that up by getting Trickle Down With a Chain Saw passed. Why? It dramatically widens the tax base. You can do the research for yourself. Every economist says the American economy was good when the highest paid earned only 50 times median pay. That left a disenfranchised bottom though. It helped enforce racism and non-white oppression.

Making the maximum gap 100 times the lowest paid worker removes the disenfranchised layer and really does help the middle out. The bottom can only climb so high before it takes you with it.

The Other Thank Yous

Rep. Liz Cheney, Wyoming’s at-large district
Rep. Tom Rice, South Carolina’s 7th Congressional District
Rep. Dan Newhouse, Washington’s 4th
Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, Ohio’s 16t
Rep. Fred Upton, Michigan’s 6th
Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, Washington’s 3rd
Rep. Peter Meijer, Michigan’s 3rd
Rep. John Katko, New York’s 24th
Rep. David Valadao, California’s 21st

Thank you! Because of all of you there is still a tiny glimmer of hope for he Republican party.

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  1. Trump supporters are still out there – why? I think we could guess. The problem lies in the hope that the culture of that group of people will somehow change. A bunch of sheep still following a wayward wrong flock.

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