Putin’s Meat Puppets

It’s amazing to sit out in the Midwest and only read occasional news. You can see Putin’s Meat Puppets spreading disinformation like a virus. Fox News can’t make even the tiniest claim journalism or integrity given the voting machine settlement is just the first in a long line of criminal fraud suits. (Yes, when you knowingly broadcast false information on a “news” network just to rake in advertising dollars, that’s wire fraud in my book.) The latest outbreak of this virus can be witnessed seeing Vance and 28 other lawmakers coming out against Ukraine funding.

News Consumption

Admittedly I do try to read The Week when it shows up, but don’t always get through it. Other than the occasional few minutes of WBBM News Radio 780 or one of the NPR stations that come in out here, I don’t consume much news. On Friday I try to watch PBS NewsHour to hear Brooks & Capehart but honestly I’m lucky to catch an episode a month. I used to watch more of it when it was Shields & Brooks (not dissing Mr. Capehart, I like him). Mark Shields had seemingly been covering politics since Washington got elected and I liked the “long view” his history provided.

Contrast that consumption with people who “only get news from Twitter” or people who leave Fox News on 24×7 would you? Most all of that is a KG-used-to-Be feed via QAnon spoon fed to an audience that doesn’t look anything up.

Putin’s Hand Picked President

Putin played a long game. He waited for Trump to be a complete financial disaster pushing for the sale of his father’s estate (against his late father’s wishes). Then the Oligarchs came to fund Trump. No U.S. bank would touch him due to the fact he was the worst businessman they ever met but Russia was willing to buy influence.

It’s no wonder that Trump’s campaign had numerous ties to Russia. Vladimir Putin had bought and paid for Trump. Trump has even admitted Putin helped him get elected. One of the links in this article has one Russian Oligarch spending something like a million dollars per day on social media posts backing Trump. And you wonder why Elon Musk got rid of the fact checkers at X? He wants all that Russian money coming his way.

The amount of content on the Russian 2016 election interference page is stunning. Feels like you grow old just trying to read it.

Enter Putin’s Meat Puppets

With the head Meat Puppet (Trump) in place, Putin gave the QAnon followers more Meat Puppets to support. Some reports have Boebert as a darling of Russian state TV. It didn’t take much for Marjorie Taylor Green and Rand Paul to become darlings of QAnon and Fox News (okay, I said the same thing twice there). Whenever Putin wants something, QAnon mentions it, Trump rants it, then Putin’s Meat Puppets follow the marching orders.

Putin wants all military aid to Ukraine cut off and that is what the Meat Puppets are trying to do. Meat Puppets are now giving full-throated support to the Communist agenda of getting aid shut off. This has been going on a while. Back in March of 2022 69 house members voted against Ukraine aid.

Spin Doctors

Being active agents of Putin is most un-American. Being active agents of Putin and an elected official ought to be something you go to prison for. Somehow none of them have went to prison for it yet. They can’t come straight out and say they support a brutal Communist dictatorship because the FBI would haul their asses off to jail in a heartbeat. To support Putin they must use phrases that don’t sound like orders from Putin yet achieve his goals.

Lack of Clarity

The latest catch phrase Putin’s agents have been using can be found in this document, proudly displayed by Fox, one of Putin’s most supportive networks.

The lawmakers railed against the Biden administration for a lack of clarity over how the more than $100 billion in funding Congress has already approved has been spent.

Vance’s letter

This is how you support Putin without declaring yourself a Communist publicly. You don’t hear any of them screaming about the pallet(s) of $100 bills that went missing during the Iraq war nor, to my knowledge, did they ever. That was “just one of those things”.

Laughable Facts

The bulk of the aid isn’t cash. I rarely watch the news yet even I have seen the footage of American and other weapons being unloaded in Ukraine. The money is really going to the DoD to replenish its weapons stock piles. We have been draining the warehouses globally.

We had to send cluster bombs because we were out of other munitions! Think about that. Most metal mills in America are using 30+ year old control systems. Barely maintained. Many can’t even be certain they have the source code if they wanted to port to a new platform. We no longer have the capability of war-time level metal production. For decades the MBA mantra has been “That’s a legacy system. It works, don’t touch it.”

Want to turn white as a sheet? Go into one of these places. Try to find the source code and the documentation for the mill control system.

Where the Money Really Goes

Through the hands of the DoD straight to the suppliers. I’m an IT consultant. General Dynamics has been on a hiring binge lately. You can bet the countries shipping existing Abrams tanks to Ukraine got a sweet deal from the DoD shiny new replacements. Guess who will have to make a lot of replacement F-16s and parts now that countries are sending the fighters to Ukraine? If you said General Dynamics, you would be right.

Who makes the artillery shells? I don’t know, but thousands of them left our inventory and went to Ukraine.

Those Damned Russian Weapons

The sad reality is the Ukraine soldiers weren’t already using M-16 rifles. We had to spend money buying bullets for AK-47s. Well, some of the M-16s they had used the Russian bullets. If they had fully converted to the American standard M-16 using American/NATO standard ammunition they could have gotten more ammo faster. We don’t make a lot of Russian ammo in America. China and Russia aren’t really in the mood to sell us the ammo they make, so that is pricey.

No proof exists in my hands, but logistically we probably had to pay an American munitions manufacturer to spin up a line for Soviet 7.62×39 millimeter or 5.45х39 millimeter calibers operated by Ukrainian forces. That’s a humiliating kick to the crotch. Not having converted to NATO standard ammo was/is one of the NATO membership sticking points.

Infection Has Spread

Putin’s Meat Puppets have grown in number. Whispers of millions of dollars being spent each week and possibly day on social media supporting their election campaigns has made them turn Communist.

Not a Blank Check

You all heard the early version of this Communist agent mantra. “Not a blank check.” It started with just a couple of nutters firmly owned by Putin. You heard Trump and MTG spouting it. I’ve written about MTG doubling down on Communism before. Then about a year ago they brought Kevin McCarthy into the Communist fold and he parroted Putin’s current mantra.

A Shutdown Works as Well

Now, the Communists have figured out a shutdown works as well, even better. Forcing a government shutdown achieves Putin’s objective of ending support for Ukraine. No money, no bullets, no bombs, no nothing. Ukraine will run out of ammo and that is the only way his pathetic military can win.


Only a Communist will vote against military aid for Ukraine.

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