Isn’t Perjury a Felony?

perjury definition

You know, perjury seems to be stock and trade for Washington. The Democrats didn’t impeach Syphilis Willie when he blatantly committed perjury.

Yes, this one was just the news conference, but he said it under oath as well, I just didn’t feel like digging for the testimony. Hey, we can all forgive a President for lying about whacking a foreign leader or head of some drug Cartel. That’s part of his job and denying it is part of national security. This, however, was lying about some deeply personal stains on a blue dress.

Yes, I’m talking about you here Nancy Pelosi. You didn’t impeach this bastard. You should have. It would have shown both ethics and backbone. Instead you established the precedent that it’s okay to commit perjury in Washington.

Now we have Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) justifiably calling for the impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch. That may be a bit difficult for the Dems to push for given they didn’t lock Syphilis Willie up for perjury.

perjury definition
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Can the DOJ investigate and prosecute a Supreme Court Justice?

Here’s the proper tact on this, in my opinion. A formal request must be sent to the DOJ to investigate and prosecute Brett Kavanaugh. They have him dead to rights.

Kavanaugh testimony

They really got a good case against Neil Gorsuch as well.

Neil Gorsuch testimony

Yes, this is not the first time I’ve written about Kavanaugh. He reeked of slime from day one. The slime was especially thick when it came to the cover up of him waving his dick in the face of a girl at a frat party. You know that happened and the FBI simply didn’t do its job.

If you don’t know that happened then you never went to a frat party. I went to colleges that didn’t have frats and I still managed to go to frat parties.

When a Supreme Court Justice is found guilty of a felony can they still sit on the bench?

This is really kind of the crux of it. If committing perjury under oath before Congress is a felony can a Supreme Court Justice still ride the bench?

Don’t most bar associations disbar you if you get a felony? According to this I guess you have to have enough ethics to disbar yourself.

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Can a Supreme Court Justice that has been disbarred still sit on the bench?

AOC (I truly hope you don’t mind me calling you AOC. I can cut and paste your name in here, but if we ever do meet let me apologize in advance for completely mangling your name. It’s just going to happen) I feel this is the course of action you should pursue. According to the video testimony before Congress, if they were under oath, they perjured themselves.

Pursue the criminal case first.

Impeachment after disbarment will be a formality.

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