Impeach Clarence Thomas

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I was going to stay out of this Impeach Clarence Thomas movement. To me it was obvious that President Joseph Manchin III wanted Roe v. Wade overturned. There was no way anyone could have believed the testimony under oath of Brett Kavanaugh, especially after the penis in the face story broke. The Imbecile n Chief Donald Trump had promised on the campaign trail that he was going to put judges on the Supreme Court that would do just that. They made him that pledge and rushed to do it when it wasn’t called for in the case.

Joseph Manchin III

He’s most assuredly back peddling now, but the proper vote was always to block a Trump nominee. Trump was and still is void of ethics. He wasn’t going to nominate an individual that might still have an electron of ethics left in them. Committing perjury before Congress is nothing when you have no ethics. The Democrats should be used to seeing perjury before Congress, at least any around during the Clinton impeachment should be. Hopefully the residents of West Virginia will remember just how instrumental Joseph Manchin was in overturning Roe v Wade during his 2025 re-election.

The Tipping Point

What tipped the scales for me to sign this petition to impeach Clarence Thomas was his recent decision in writing.

“They object on religious grounds to all available COVID–19 vaccines because they were developed using cell lines derived from aborted children,” Thomas said of the petitioners.

Clarence Thomas

You can read the article here if you want to see the entire story. I’ve written about QAnon and the nutters that believe such shit many times before. There are “newspapers” and “news networks” (FOX cough cough) dedicated to that shit. This completely debunked QAnon Nutter “theory” has been shredded so many times yet the Nutters keep broadcasting it far and wide. Putting it into a Supreme Court Dissenting Opinion which will be a matter of public record until there are no public records is unforgivable. It shows just how big of a steaming helping of Nutter Porridge Clarence Thomas is consuming fresh from the back of the bull.

Impeach Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas and his nutter wife are far too deep in the QAnon world to ever be trusted in any place of authority. My God! He got two other justices to sign this complete BS.

Conservative Justices Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch joined Thomas in his dissenting opinion.

We now have a Supreme Court that doesn’t bother with facts. It’s now a Russian Kangaroo Court that appears to do the bidding of Supreme Leader Putin.

Maybe Clarence Thomas is suffering from Alzheimer’s and this is the first indication made public? If so, I feel sorry for him, but I cannot in good conscience avoid signing a petition to get him off the bench.

Sign the petition to impeach Clarence Thomas. A Supreme Court Justice that out of touch with physical reality must not be allowed to remain on the bench.

This is a completely different case than impeaching for Roe v Wade decision. His cognitive abilities have to be called into question. He put patently false information in an official dissenting opinion. It got through all his clerks and he convinced two other justices to sign on.

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