KavaNo – What We Are Missing

Now that it appears KavaNO will be the next ass on the Supreme Court, it is safe for me to weigh in. Let me be up front and state I knew the Republican’s were going to search for a religious terrorist much like many of themselves and put that ass on the bench. No, I don’t think terrorist is too strong a word here.

The Supreme sin of any human is forcing their religion onto another.

Anyone who does this, no matter how they do it, be it by laws, hassling women going into a medical center, shooting up said medical center or inspiring others to commit the actual act, or, interpreting law based on religion is a terrorist act against those who either were not born into or simply do not wish to be a part of said religion. Our founding fathers believed in a separation of church and state, something we sadly do not have today.

I was born a Republican, though, not the sorry excuse for biological entities which makes up current party leadership and the bulk of Washington. I had little opinion on KavaNO until this sexual assault thing came up. As I said, I knew the next ass to sit on the bench was going to be willing to completely ignore the constitution and interpret law by religious doctrine. That is what they were looking for so I wasn’t surprised someone like Mr. Kavanaugh was chosen.

You cannot overturn Roe v Wade constitutionally. Period. Rights are acquired at birth.

What we do not know about KavaNo because of the soppy job the FBI did, is his drinking habits and if he committed perjury about them. The behavior one classmate describes is the classic “black out drunk” which occurs during college binge drinking. A goodly number of people get a mean streak when they drink. For some people it only happens when they drink whiskey, others Tequila and some get a mean streak from any kind of alcohol.

Now, most people attending college have a time or two in their history where they went out partying and woke up some place without any idea of how they got there or even where “there” was. That is rather typical, especially if your parents never let you drink at home because you have no concept of when to say when.

The black out drunk is the dark side of this. They stay awake a long time drinking more, getting mean, some will even attempt rape because all judgement is gone. The worst part about it is they don’t remember it and won’t believe others when they tell them what they did. Today’s Millenials probably don’t understand that, but, we didn’t have cell phones back then so nobody had video to prove to someone what kind of ass they become when drunk. It was just the word of one or a few people against what the black out drunk believed and they had no memory of it.

What really stuns me and why I call this job sloppy is the fact that interviewing your college buddies to find out if you are a binge drinker or black out drunk is a standard part of the interview process for security clearances. Just a couple of years ago I was at a client site where a coworker had to sit through such an interview because his college friend was attempting to obtain a security clearance. What level? I don’t know and do not care.

So, we need Congress to put into law that as part of the vetting process for a Supreme Court Justices, the must obtain a rather significant security clearance. Not just Public Trust because obviously they don’t vet for black out drunks there.

Do I believe he did it? Yeah. It was a different time back then, conquest was king. Sex was rather free wheeling especially on college campuses and in dance clubs. He graduated in 1990 and the Rock Hudson AIDS announcement in 1985 hadn’t really cooled the sex culture. Back then it was “a gay disease.” It also seemed like every young single woman in America was on birth control pills and looking to enjoy life. A common Friday leaving work phrase, whether you like it or not, was

8 hours from now I will wake up with someone I haven’t met yet.

So, given that environment, a black out drunk with a mean streak who was striking out big time would become enraged, attempting to force the issue.

That’s why I believe the FBI’s work in this case was either sloppy or interfered with. It also calls into question the Muller probe. If they aren’t performing a security clearance background check on a Supreme Court Justice, just how good of a job can Muller’s probe be doing?

That’s what we don’t know. I guess it explains why Hillary’s Russian connections and possible campaign financing don’t appear to be getting scrutinized as well.

Now it is time to really piss everyone off.

Do I think this alone should have kept him off the bench? No. Had the victim been officially filing attempted rape charges requiring a criminal proceeding, yes. More importantly, we didn’t let it stop Clarence Thomas. If it is good enough to block KavaNo, then there would have to be some method of now removing Clarence Thomas. I don’t know that there is, but there should be.


Because we are probably going to need it. If KavaNo really was a black out drunk in college and, most likely for some years after, this won’t be a one off. Something else will pop. The higher you rise the more your bad behavior tends to surface.

What happens when a sitting Supreme Court Justice is charged with, tried and convicted of a crime?

There is a nagging little part of my mind saying we just might find out.

Why do I believe that? I’ve encountered black out drunks who “took the cure” and rehabbed via one method or another. What they all have in common is something really bad happened. Bad enough to shock them into getting sober. And given speeches like this one, I suspect such a shoe will drop once he is on the bench.

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