Christian Taliban

Adam Kinzinger

I have to say that I’m impressed with Adam Kinzinger and his Christian Taliban phrase making the news lately. It well and truly fits. My God! Here in Illinois the Republican primary was full of Christian Taliban this past week. Tons of television commercials stating “I will never apologize for my religion and I will force it on you all.”

For years I have been calling these people Bible Thumping Terrorists but Christian Taliban is a bit more accurate. They got the name Bible Thumping Terrorists when they started fire bombing and shooting up women’s medical centers with people inside.

It appears none of these dear people bothered to listen to the words of One Tin Soldier.

One Tin Soldier

No matter how righteous you think you are

I have written about this before on this blog. The Ultimate Sin of Man is forcing your religion on another. It doesn’t matter if your way is better or not. Doesn’t matter what you believe. If you remove free will from the equation you have committed the ultimate sin. Eternal damnation awaits you. Yes, Taliban, it awaits you.

Women aren’t meant to be silent hidden cum receptacles who produce and feed children. They are meant to be thinking speaking partners in life. You need to read that part in the bible about the rib. Yes, a woman always ruins a man, just like Eve did in the bible, get used to it.

Brett Kavanaugh and Sixty Children

Until recently, if you were a man who felt compelled to have fifty or sixty kids, you had to be born into that one Jewish sect in New York that 60 Minutes did a story on years ago, or you had to part of the Mormon religion belonging to a sect that practiced bigamy. That last part got the religion the nickname Big Love and a television series of the same name.

Hey, if you want to have multiple jabbering bitching wives, more power to you. Just don’t ask me to be sad when they tell me you went insane and committed suicide.

Now, you just have to be a serial rapist traveling state to abortion banning state. The woman has no choice. She has to have your child. Many of these states run by Christian Taliban probably won’t even let her give it up for adoption so your 50-60 kids will be a constant reminder to the woman that she was raped.

Just wait. Next the Supreme Court will take away a woman’s right to vote.

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