The Ultimate Sin of Man

This may seem like an odd topic for my blog. While I get political from time to time I make it a point to never get religious or preachy when it comes to matters of faith. I am certain there will be many who claim I am the least qualified to speak on this topic given my status as a severely fallen Catholic, but it is those of us who can view this subject from a distance that can see its truth.

Were you to ask a religious zealot, extremist or one one who considers themselves very devout “What is the ultimate sin of man?” you will no doubt get one of the mortal sins listed by the canon of their faith. The response you would not here is the actual ultimate sin of man. That sin is forcing one’s religion upon another.

Oh, many will be quick to point at terrorist groups beheading those who refuse to convert to whatever the group’s doctrine is, but in truth, acts seemingly as small as a grain of sand on a beach commit this sin in just as vile a manner. Manipulating or otherwise encouraging public officials to pass a law which makes a tenant of one’s belief a law of the land is just as severe as the beheading. It removes the one precious gift a living human has, free will.

A government has only two duties. To protect its citizens and help protect their property. This is the mandate behind creating police and fire departments. It is also the basis for creating a military. Enforcing a religion or part thereof is not within the domain of a government. Basing a government on a single doctrine is a truly heinous form of this sin.

If there ever were a time where a span of land large enough to be called a country was without some form of human occupant it was many eons ago, before recorded history. In truth it probably never existed on this planet. There were always some number of indigenous peoples which had to be subjugated or slaughtered to achieve the goal of religion by edict.

We as a species need to confront this issue as it impacts all of us. Even people without a faith of their own are victimized by such a sin.

Removal of free will is the most mortal of sins and therefore the ultimate sin of man. While I do not claim to know the doctrine of every religion on the planet those of which I’m aware all have some form of “you must choose to let him/her into your heart/life”. Removal of that choice voids the rest of the doctrine. In order to be true to your faith you must give others the freedom to choose while leading your life as best as you can. Inflicting your doctrine on those who choose not to follow is the most mortal of sins.