Review – The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 2


Mockingjay part 2 was a real let down. I totally wish the studio would have put parts 1 and 2 together, cutting roughly 2/3 of each out. That could deliver one good movie. Instead the studio chose to abuse the box office. They split what should have been one movie into two very long movies with tons of obvious filler scenes. I’ve never read the books, but even I could tell “this is padding” when I was watching.

Herein lies the crux of the issue. The movie goer should be totally immersed in the movie. We shouldn’t just be watching the work of one or two actors, but have completely bought into the premise of the movie.

When a movie goer who is not part of the movie or film making industry sits there and suddenly says “Wow! That scene is obviously filler,” that’s it, you’ve lost the customer. They cannot enjoy the movie beyond this point or at least the odds of them doing so are extremely low. When you repeatedly jar them out with scenes which were so blatantly added to stretch the film . . .

Find a trailer or on-line place which will let you watch the last 5 minutes of Mockingjay part 2. Really about all you need to see.

The studio left us feeling like we only got half a movie with Mockingjay part 1 and then they spit in the face of their paying customers with Mockingjay part 2. I mean Jennifer Lawrence can act so why not give her an actual script for a real movie?

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