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King Arthur – Legend of the Sword is the worst King Arthur movie ever made. I say this to you as someone who read the massive blue single book version of “Bulfinch’s Mythology” twice in high school. Even own a copy of the black more condensed version.

Bulfinch's Mythology

If you are going to mess with the story, mess with it in a good way. The Clive Owen and Keira Knightley King Arthur got this right. They took the more historically accurate approach about Arthur being left over from the Roman occupation, pulling the sword from his father’s grave as a child to help defend his village. That movie gave nods to the legend and told a good story.

Failures too numerous to list

King Arthur – Legend if the Sword hid the son of Uther Pendragon in a brothel. They could have gotten away with that. It never showed a Merlin, but used his name. Then proceeded to put a massively deranged spin on “the sword in the stone” and then went purely special effects.

Honestly, I will not be surprised to learn this movie was a career ender for Guy Ritchie. Yes, it is that bad. Even the production sucks!

You are put off King Arthur – Legend of the Sword in the first two minutes with a first year student error. They used a font, much like you see on the cover art, kind of ancient looking, fine. Font was sized to be readable on a 60+ foot wide movie theater screen. Nobody thought to redo those obviously computer generated text screens for the DVD. On a 26-inch wide screen you need a magnifying glass to read it. So, all of this text, meant to set up the first scene might have gotten the movie a 1-star rating had the home viewing audience been able to read it. Instead, they start out pissed at the movie!

Are you really surprised people empty their colons on this? Not critics, actual people who like King Arthur based tales.

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