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Review – Hacksaw Ridge


Does the English language poses enough vernacular to heap the quantity of praise Hacksaw Ridge requires? That is the question I found myself asking when I sat down to write this. I know I certainly don’t poses enough flowery words of praise for this film or the man on which it is based.

I didn’t know that Mel Gibson had directed Hacksaw Ridge until I sat down to write the review either. Ordinarily I don’t pay any attention to directors other than Clint Eastwood. The fact it was Mel Gibson who hit it out of the park with this one is an added bonus. The dude has had a lot of bad press over the years so he is long overdue for something major league good to happen.

Andrew Garfield is absolutely perfect. I never met Desmond Doss nor did I know his particular story before watching this so I cannot say just how completely accurate this portrayal was. I can say that I have heard time and again stories about “conscientious objectors” who wanted to walk unarmed into battle carrying only a medical bag being shit on by the army in each and every war, especially during Vietnam which was the first war I was alive during. It is unconscionable that the army couldn’t grow a single clue after World War II, allowing the same bone headed Red Neck attitudes to prevail in training camps during every military engagement since then.

If you ever have a day when you honestly believe you are right and the world is wrong, put this movie on and when it is over ask yourself, are you that right. People should own this movie, not just rent it.

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