Review – Immortal – 2004



Immortal was a rather interesting find. I was rather surprised I had never heard of this movie being something of a science fiction/fantasy fan. I was even more pleased after watching it. This movie is mostly animation with just a few actual actors playing character roles. The animated characters kind of reminded me of The Sims ads of yesteryear but with way better art. Make no mistake, this movie is a work of art. The virtual city and the pyramid are spectacularly done. It deserved a much higher rating than critics gave it.

True, there wasn’t a massive plot with twists and turns. The plot basically reminded me of old time radio gangster shows, with Egyptian gods tossed in for an update. There was no heavy lifting when it came to the plot. Immortal was just well done “comfort food” type of science fiction. Perfect for a cold winter day when you just want to snuggle in your warm bed and watch something predictably well done.

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