Review – Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow cover


I call Edge of Tomorrow the ex-wife movie or the ex-wife fantasy movie. What ex-wife hasn’t wanted shoot and revive former hubby endlessly? How unbelievably clever giving the straight female audience something besides Tom Cruise to pull them into the theater.

Don’t worry guys there is plenty for you. Lots of special effects, shooting, and blowing stuff up. Tom Cruise even gets to wise-ass around which is entertaining to both sexes. If it isn’t entertaining to you then don’t watch the movie.

Basically Edge of Tomorrow is a science fiction version of Groundhog Day. Being science fiction he doesn’t just go to sleep to reset, he gets killed. Adding a nice little twist, he has to live, die, repeat under the clock. An invasion is imminent and he has to figure out how to make it work.

I’m probably rating this movie a bit higher than most because I like science fiction movies with action and Emily Blunt does a really good job.

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