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I was really disappointed with Going in Style. This script really wasted the star power of Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman. I like both of those actors and they tend to do a phenom job, but the script just wasn’t there. Going in Style had the feeling of trying to force old age comedy rather than letting things simply flow. What you saw in the previews was pretty much the funniest lines in the movie.

Perhaps what really failed here was the script/director not knowing just what kind of movie they wanted this to be. Part of it felt like it was trying to rip off “Now You See Me.” Another part seemed to be attempting to make a statement about the state of blue collar retirement and how corporations are able to rob pension funds blind or simply refuse to pay retired workers much like Bruce Rauner appears to be trying in Illinois.

While this movie really failed at the comedy part, the warm and tender moments where the actors were allowed to strut their stuff really did shine. They were the movie’s saving grace.

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