Review – Death Race 3

Death Race 3 cover


Death Race 3 brings some of the old franchise flare back. Danny Trejo brings some charm to the show. We are now two installments into the franchise without Jason Statham and I still haven’t decided if I like Luke Goss. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slamming his acting, looks or anything like that. When you birth a franchise with a really great tough guy actor, one many women swoon over even if they won’t admit it verbally, it’s tough to shift the audience to a new body.

Now, some franchises could get away with such a move. There is that one slasher franchise where the main character is always in a hockey mask and never speaks so you could stuff anyone of roughly the same height and build into the costume. The audience would neither know nor care. They showed up to watch him get killed off yet again and reborn for the next installment.

Death Race 3 isn’t just another sexy women with stuff blowing up puff piece for the testosterone crowd though. Indeed the the franchise isn’t, though I’m certain a segment of the female population will argue violently with this view. The entire franchise is about the greed and corruption which populates upper management at most every corporation in America. It’s a culture which will kill anyone for profit and never face a day in prison. It’s a culture which allowed BP CEO Tony Hayward to blatantly ignore both laws and safety regulations killing 11 people without even a hint of prison in his future. If an ordinary citizen kills even one person odds are they land on death row. Corporate executives can simply kill all they want without giving prison a thought.

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